Sugarloaf Reservoir – Dec 16

The Exploratory Sunday Long Run (ESLR) is a monthly long run organised by Andy Selby Smith from Melb Uni Aths Club. It is subject to two simple but essential rules: the ESLR must be somewhere completely new (and ideally never, or at least rarely, visited by anyone from MUAC) each month, and it must be at least 90 minutes. The objective is to get as close as possible to runner’s nirvana (undulating point to point or circuit on dirt singletrack through forest). Location, expected duration and distance will be announced in advance. A fair bit of time is put into finding suitable locations and into navigational preparations, in order to guarantee the fun!

The two runs so far have traversed the Brisbane Ranges (October), and visited the Bunyip State Forest (November).

As a fitness guide, attendees should be capable of maintaining a 5 minute/km pace for 90 minutes on flat ground. This run is not intended to be a hard training run – but rather to provide exploratory fun and variety for regular runners of moderate fitness.

The next ESSLR is on Sunday 16 December, at Sugarloaf Reservoir, starting from Saddle Dam Picnic Area, with a 75-90 minute “standard” option (14 to 18 km) starting at 9:05 am. The “standard” option will circumnavigate the Reservoir, on undulating goat tracks through long grass, also visiting the tips of the three prominent promontories on the northern side of the reservoir, until the better defined trails are picked up in the north western corner and thus back to the starting point. There is no water for the majority of this run, but the forecast is for rain easing to showers with possible thunderstorms (!), 18-20 deg.

For those wanting a bit longer, an early group will start at 8:15 sharp and check out an old acqueduct trail to the south, before looping back to join the second group at 9:05, so everyone can finish together. This run will be perfectly suited to those wanting to limit their long run to 90 minutes and avoid strenuous hills, yet also cater for the marathon enerbunnies! It is expected to be a fun excursion. Departure will be from Melbourne Uni at 7:15 am for the 8:15 am crowd, and 8:00 am for the 9:05 am crowd. It is proposed to wrap up with a post run morning tea (byo goodies?) by the reservoir before we tootle back to Melbourne, or retire to some decent bakery in the area, depending on the weather and inclination.

I might even have a crack at baking a Romanian Apple Cake – if I get it right, then there shouldn’t be too much romanianing afterwards…!

RSVPs to me at: please, by Thursday 13 December. Please say whether you need a lift, or are able to provide lifts, and if so, how many passengers.

Max 12 people, first in best dressed…

Feel free to pass this on to others who may be interested. If you have been forwarded this email and wish to be added to the email list for future excursions, please me know.