Exploratory Sunday Run – Western Dandenongs

The ESLR will be back on Sunday 7 April, so please mark this
date in your diaries. I am tentatively proposing that we explore the
western side of Mt Dandenong, at Dion’s suggestion, with excellent views
of Melbourne, the Bay and the eastern suburbs, and going through some
truly lovely mixed forest. I haven’t yet settled on a start point or
route, but we will aim for 15-16 km in 90 mins or so – it’s likely to be
hilly, so I’ll adjust the length to keep the duration to 90 minutes. One
possibility is to run from the Basin, another is to run from the
Dandenong summit – I’ll look through a few sources and come up with
something that works all round.

This run will be within an hour of Melbourne, so with a 7 am departure
and an hour for a post run morning tea, we should be able to be back in
town by midday.

Specific route and post run cake announcement to follow at a later date,
– but before the RSVP date of Thursday 4 April.

RSVP to Andy.

The Exploratory Sunday Long Run (ESLR) is a monthly long run organised
by Andy Selby Smith. It is subject to two simple but essential rules:
the ESLR must be somewhere completely new each month, and it must be at
least 90 minutes. The objective is to get as close as possible to
runner’s nirvana (undulating point to point or circuit on dirt
singletrack through forest). Location, expected duration and distance
will be announced in advance. A fair bit of time is put into finding
suitable locations and into navigational preparations, in order to
guarantee the fun!

The three runs so far have traversed the Brisbane Ranges (Oct), visited
the Bunyip State Forest (Nov), and circumnavigated Sugarloaf Reservoir

As a fitness guide, attendees should be capable of maintaining a 5
minute/km pace for 90 minutes on flat ground. This run is not intended
to be a hard training run – but rather to provide exploratory fun and
variety for regular runners of moderate fitness.