Exploratory Sunday Run – Warburton

Hello gang!

We have two options for our next Exploratory Sunday Long Run, on Sunday
24 February.

The first requires a car shuffle (20 km one way on dirt road) or the
services of a taxi driver. We’ll hope for option #1, but if it doesn’t
come together, we’ll do option #2.

Option #1: Drive to Big Pats Creek near Warburton, run to Ada Tree
picnic area (about 19 km). This is along an old tramway and goes past
many historic mill sites, old tramway bridges, etc. This is a popular
walking track, so it will be runnable. This is likely to be class A
trail running, I last walked it on a Scout camp, over 20 years ago! I
remember tall eucalyptus forest and lots of ferns. If we are lucky we
may see or hear lyrebirds. The area is also home to swamp wallabies,
wombats, platypus, echidnas and several species of possums and gliders


Option #2: Do an ~18 km loop from Warburton, going out along the rail
trail to Don Road, then back to Warburton via the acqueduct track. The
track is lovely, but the descent to Warburton is straight down a very
steep asphalt road! (150m or so of descent, so, more novelty value than
train wreck).

For either option, we’ll leave from Melbourne Uni at 7 am, return likely
about 12:30 pm.

A bottle of water (600 mL) is advisable, either hand held or on a waist
belt. There will be a post run brunch (at Ada Tree?), and I will do a
new cake recipe as usual. Please bring along your own contributions to

If you don’t like other people to have fun without you, please RSVP to
me by 21 Feb, with transport request or car and seat status.

Please note that I will be sailing from 8 pm on the Friday night prior,
until 4 pm on the Saturday arvo, so may be out of contact for that

Happy trails!


The Exploratory Sunday Long Run (ESLR) is a monthly long run organised
by Andy Selby Smith. It is subject to two simple but essential rules:
the ESLR must be somewhere completely new each month, and it must be at
least 90 minutes. The objective is to get as close as possible to
runner’s nirvana (undulating point to point or circuit on dirt
singletrack through forest). Location, expected duration and distance
will be announced in advance. A fair bit of time is put into finding
suitable locations and into navigational preparations, in order to
guarantee the fun!

The three runs so far have traversed the Brisbane Ranges (Oct), visited
the Bunyip State Forest (Nov), and circumnavigated Sugarloaf Reservoir

As a fitness guide, attendees should be capable of maintaining a 5
minute/km pace for 90 minutes on flat ground. This run is not intended
to be a hard training run – but rather to provide exploratory fun and
variety for regular runners of moderate fitness.