Exploratory Sunday Run – Mt Tanglefoot

Now that January is well under way, it’s time for the next Exploratory
Sunday Long Run to be announced and planned.

I propose an excursion to Mt Tanglefoot, to do an 18 km circuit run on
walking trails through mountain ash forest, from the Mt Tanglefoot car

Sunday, 20 January.

Please RSVP to me at: andrewselbysmith@fastmail.com.au by Thursday 17 Jan, saying whether you’ll drive, or need a lift! If driving, please say how many seats you have available.

The track winds through mountain ash forests, mainly regrowth from the
1939 forest fires. There are many older giants in the gullies, some 200
or more years old. Allow around six hours for the round trip of 18
kilometres. Many walkers leave a car at either end of the track and walk
one way, which will take about three hours. The walk is moderately
difficult where it descends in to the rainforest gullies. This is an
area of very high rainfall, and the track may be waterlogged during
periods of heavy rain. Thunderstorms are common in summer and light
snowfalls can occur in winter. Wear suitable footwear, carry warm,
waterproof clothing and walk with a group if possible.

There are spectacular views from Mt St Leonard of the Yarra Valley and
surrounding mountains. There are more than 100 different species of
birds in the area. You will almost certainly hear or see a lyrebird on
the track. There are also many rufous and grey fantails in the shrubs,
along with Eastern Whip birds and many varieties of honeyeaters. In the
treetops look for currawongs, kookaburras and cockatoos. The area is
also home to the Sooty and Powerful Owls, both classed as rare. You may
see wedgetailed eagles and other birds of prey in the skies above the
treetops. Slow-growing tree ferns line the gullies, while in Myrtle
Gully the cool temperate rainforest is dominated by myrtle beech and


Total climb over the trip looks to be about 300m (up and down each), so,
pretty moderate over 18 km. There is a contour map on page 2 at the link

If high temperatures or bad fire weather is forecast for that weekend,
we may need to find an alternative plan – perhaps a swim somewhere
instead?…but we’ll worry about that one if it happens.

We’ll do a post run picnic – so please bring a contribution. I’ll
probably pull out the cookbook and do something new and interesting.



The Exploratory Sunday Long Run (ESLR) is a monthly long run organised
by Andy Selby Smith. It is subject to two simple but essential rules:
the ESLR must be somewhere completely new each month, and it must be at
least 90 minutes. The objective is to get as close as possible to
runner’s nirvana (undulating point to point or circuit on dirt
singletrack through forest). Location, expected duration and distance
will be announced in advance. A fair bit of time is put into finding
suitable locations and into navigational preparations, in order to
guarantee the fun!

The three runs so far have traversed the Brisbane Ranges (Oct), visited
the Bunyip State Forest (Nov), and circumnavigated Sugarloaf Reservoir

As a fitness guide, attendees should be capable of maintaining a 5
minute/km pace for 90 minutes on flat ground. This run is not intended
to be a hard training run – but rather to provide exploratory fun and
variety for regular runners of moderate fitness.