Elizabeth Ruach

Humans of MUAC


Elizabeth Ruach, 20

How long you been doing aths?
I’ve been doing athletics for the past 5 years, started off with long and triple jump. My coach then realised there was potential for me to do 400 and I wanted to change again because I can’t deal with lactic but coach convinced me to stay and so to this day!

What’s your fave event
60m because it’s short and sweet but there isn’t one in Australia unfortunately

Who inspires you
Allyson Felix

What do you do in your spare time
I work as a PT and sleep a lot. Studying Myotherapy and of course you gotta leave time for social media. Follow me on insta!  @elizabethruach

Fave animal and why
I don’t like animals because they’re all deadly and vicious. But I don’t mind cats.

What music pumps you up before athletics
Lots of inspirational speakers, they make me run like Bolt but I just don’t get the same times haha

Most embarrassing moment in athletics
At junior champs 3 years ago, during the 400m race, I ran my best time for 200m and was coming first but I puffed myself out too quickly and instead came second last

How long have you been with MUAC
5 been at MUAC. the whole time I’ve been doing athletics