Ciara Boyd-Squires Long

Humans of MUAC


Ciara, with her ever-sunny smile, is a MUAC superstar. Interestingly, she also holds the award for longest last name. Try fitting that monster on a running bib!

She’s had a smashing XCR season, medalling left right and centre. At the recent Vic champs, she qualified for nationals. So if you see her around the track, be sure to wish her good luck before she jets off to QLD.

Off the back of lightning-fast 5x5km session, Ciara agreed (under significant duress) to an interrogation/interview.

Nick: Besides a cheeky sesh at Nandos, what’s your favourite session, you speed demon, you?

Ciara: It’d have to be the 4×7 minutes at Prinny.

Nick: You’ve been running since you were ten and have an insane milage of 90km/week. With all those delicious kms in the legs, have you discovered a fave long run location?

Ciara: St. Kilda beach has always been a favourite. Good for people watching.

Nick: Do you have any running heroes?

Ciara: My Dad probably… and Gen Lacaze.

Nick: What about a favourite running memory?

Ciara: The first time I went to nationals was really awesome. I really enjoyed that.

Nick: Do you listen to a pump-up song before races?

Ciara: Not really; I don’t really listen to music when I run.

Nick: Are you an alien?

Ciara: *laughs but doesn’t refute the question*

Nick: Do you promise to piggy-back me at the Albert Park 10km so I can set a PB?

Ciara: If you promise to lay off the beer a little before then so that I can carry you.

Nick: Watch out youngling – I’m writing this thing so I can drag y–

The interview was cut short because I couldn’t keep up with Ciara’s cool down pace.


Be sure to say hi to Ciara around the track or in your local Asics store, where she’s salesperson of the year!