2014 Tan Relays information

tan teams


Men Women
Premier Div Premier Div
Mark Kirwan 1 Stella Radford
Martin Mashford 2 Sophie Barker
Nick Earl 3 Amanda Paulin
Zac Newman 4 Sarah McSweeny
Ian Lawford 5 Ellen Schaef
David Paroissien Div 3
Div 2 6 Meg Stevenson
Rob Baker 7 Sarah Emons
Anthony Woodward 8 Al Bryant Smith
Sam Blake 9 Lise Roos-Weil
Max Ueda Div 5 (muac even team blue)
Liul Mekonnen Annie Carter
Romain Rachel Painter
Div 3 Ilka Barr
Hamish Beaumont Div 5 (muac even team white)
Frank Ciancio Gen Blanch
Neil Sampson Monique Geraghty
Paul Munro Kate Scarlett
Leigh Goedecke Div 5 (muac even team black)
Div 6 Martine Botha
David McDonald Laura Constable
Jordan Mayston Isi Stefanovic
Brian ODonoghue
Steven Russel Reserves
Div 7 (a) Ruth
Lachlan Hegarty
Tim Hui
Kerrin Rattray
Matt Irons
Div 7 (b)
Andy Selby
Adam Hannah
Peter Gaukrodger
Shohei Waller
Div 7 (c)
Tim Thomas
Dion Houtman
Tony Brain
David Crouchman
Div 7 (d)
Gerarde Kelly
Cody Williamson
Melissa Allen
Kate McClure
Div 7 (invitation mixed)
Cassie Cohen
Deborah Goh
Friederike Winter
James Haynes

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1. Captains in bold are responsible for organising their teams, ensuring start and finish times for each athlete, and the net time, is recorded and handed in to AV tent at the end of the race.
2. Bottom three women’s teams have been allocated evenly (hopefully) so they can compete against each other.
3. The order of athletes in the teams can be decided on the day, but if anyone drops out, everyone should shift up in the order shown.

Race Info

1. Race starts at 9am, please arrive by 8am to allow for organising your team and warming up.
2. Unlike previous relays, AV require that all registered athletes wear their bib numbers for the race (if you don’t yet have a bib number you will receive it on the day).
3. We need to provide 3 volunteers. Only one person confirmed so far, so if you can bring a friend/family member along please let me know.


10:20am (approx)
Team photo
On the hill next to the start zone.
Wear your club uniform.

Lawn Bowls.
Princes Park Bowls Club
$15 for bowls. Drinks at the bar.
Bowling until 5:30pm.
Don your best whites/tweed for bowling and show off your grey hair!
Friends/family/rivals welcome.

Post bowls
BBQ at Gen Blanch’s place.
BYO drinks.
Sausages, burgers (vegie and non) and fixings will be provided. Bring a salad if you’re feeling up to it.