2015 Victorian Open and AWD Track and Field Championships

27 Feb – 1 Mar

Lakeside Stadium

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Friday, 27 Feb

800m Men

Tim Hui 2:08.38 for 11th in heat 1 of the 800m

100m Men

Simon Greig 10:95, 1st, Heat 5, 10.87, 2nd, Semi 3

Alistair Cole 12:15, 6th, H5

1500m Women

Amanda Paulin 4:34.24, 2nd Semi 1

400m Women

Carmen Deane 64,68, 8th Heat 4

High Jump Men

Joel Mason 1.95m, 5th

Triple Jump Women

Hannah Alderton 11.86m 6th

Kaitlin Morgan 12.26m, 5th

High Jump Women

Hannah Alderton      NH

Saturday 28th Feb

1500m Women

Amanda Paulin, 4:22.8 , Champion

Javelin Men

Mate Zahtila, 59.47m, Silver 

Pole Vault Women

Kath Iannello, 3.55m, Bronze

Dawn Hartigan 3.00m 6th

Jem Gibbs 2.80m 11th

Pole Vault Men

Leon D’Onofrio, 3.80m, comp suspended for weather. 5 athletes remain

Ben Cook, NH

1500m Men

Martin Mashford, 4:, 1st, Heat 1


Aaron Page, 3rd place after day 1, 3495

Tristan Gorlay, 8th place after day 1, 2462

200m Men

Seamus Hayes 21.99, 5th heat 3, qualified for semi

800m Women

Ellen Schaef 2:13.05, 2nd, Heat 3, qualified for final

400m Amb

Ashwin Singh, 61.81, 4th

HH Hunter scores after Day 2

1. Athletics Essendon 117pts
2. Melbourne University 73pts
3. Box Hill 71pts
4. Ringwood 67pts
5. Deakin 57pts

Sun 1st March


1500m Men

Martin Mashford, Champion, 1st, 3:51.13

3000m Steeplechase Women

Sarah McSweeney, Champion, 2nd, 10:46.11

3000m Steeplechase Men

Mark Kirwan, Silver, MUAC Club Record, 2nd, 9:07.26

Nick Earl, Bronze, 4th, 9:2286

Hamish Beaumont, 11th, 10:54.13

Pole Vault Men

Leon D’Onofrio, 4th, 4.40m

200m Men

Seamus Hayes, 22.44, 4th, Semi final 2

200m Amb

Ashwin Singh, 4th, 27.63

800m Women

Ellen Schaef, 2:12.69, 5th, B Final


Aaron Page, 5th, 6517

Tristan Gorlay, 8th, 4038