White Train women win bronze on wet track

Sandown Road Relays

The White Train continued its recent top form, motoring around Sandown raceway last Saturday. Despite the on-off torrential rain and chilly conditions, great performances were achieved. Another record attendance was also recorded, with 28 Melbourne Uni athletes taking to the track.

Division 1 Women’s came away with a very impressive bronze medal, with Rosie, Sophie, Kate and Julie all putting in great runs and securing 4th place on the ladder. Soph again showed her fine form this season being the 3rd fastest woman on the day, and Rosie’s 6th fastest time puts her in a fantastic position as the Nationals fast approach. Sarah, Al, Izzie and Ilka also all put in great efforts to place 8th in Division 2.

Men’s Division 2 continue to dominate with there 7th consecutive win for the season, proving the White Train will continue to steam past its competitors. The Hamster, not known for his shyness, even managed a quick smile and wave to the camera on his way to victory. In Division 5, Hunter, Tom, Tony and Matt all managed times within 90 seconds of each other, gaining 2nd place for the round and securing their top position on the overall ladder, making them a whopping 21 points clear of 2nd! Matt, Dave U, Kerrin and TT also kept Division 3’s 2nd place for the season tally. Hopefully this means we will be seeing the White Train dominating the podium come the end of the 2011 winter season! Better get onto designing those training tops….

Off the track, Dean Hunter’s delightful little girl Tori kept spirits high despite the rainy conditions. Likewise, Sir Dutton’s last minute decision to take home the company umbrella provided much needed shelter for all the timekeepers – very much appreciated Dutto! Good luck to all those participating in the City to Surf in Sydney this weekend!