White Train starts season on the right track

Jells Park Relays

team muacThe first race of the winter season is usually a shock to the system, but at Jells Park on 1 May the White Train proved that it was up to the challenge. On a clear Saturday afternoon, 30 MUAC athletes took on the hilly 6km course for the first race of Athletics Victoria’s XCR ’10, the Jells Park Cross Country relay, with many running PB’s.

Men’s Division 2 saw standout performances from new recruits Lachlan Mcarthur and Harry Smithers who posted times of 18.23 and 18.55 respectively. Hamish Beaumont, Jordan Mayston, Zac Newman and David Ulbrick all put in solid efforts to bring the team home in fourth place. A sign of great things to come, boys!  Also taking out 4th place was the Men’s Division 5 team: Tim Thomas, Richard Dutton, Tony Brain and Matt Luo. Dutton knocked 22 seconds off last year’s time to run 23.01, a time subsequently replicated by coach Brain.

The Men’s Division 3 team of Emil Gunderson, Kris Lam, Alex Kaiser, Will Vigors and Matt Irons ran strongly to come in 3rd, hot on the heels of Coburg Harriers. Gunderson and Kaiser flew around the course in 20.06 and 20.44 and whilst  more familiar running two laps of an athletics track, the pair proved more than capable of running two laps of the open fields of Jells Park. Men’s Division 7 saw Theo Tsichrintzis return to the fold to join Paul Kennedy and Hari Konchada, Hari clearly earning himself a promotion next time there is a relay given his time of 23:31 in his first AV and MUAC run.

d2The Women’s Division 1 team of Jayne Engwerda, Julie McNamara, Al Bryant-Smith and Sarah Emons came in a credible 11th. Emons ran a stellar 22.29, and Engwerda made her MUAC debut, posting a time of 23.42. Women’s Division 2 welcomed back Ilka Barr, who was undaunted by the Jells Park hills after two years of running Tasmanian mountain trails. Barr joined Rachel Painter, Sarah Castelino and Kate Scarlett. Castelino knocked a whopping 4 minutes of her previous PB. Great runs also from Women’s Division 4 runners: Elaine Chan, Johanna Ziegel, and Wendy-Grace Williams.

A full list of times is below.

A huge thankyou to Manfred Lewandowski, David Paroissien and Andrew Selby-Smith, who kindly gave up their time to assist in a great day’s racing:

The next race is this Saturday 8 May at Lardner Park, Warragul. Entries need to be submitted online at http://www.athsvic.org.au/. Entries close Wednesday 5 May 2010.


Men – Div 2:

Lachlan McArthur 18.23

Harry Smithers 18.55

Hamish Beaumont 20.16

Jordan Mayston 21.48

Zac Newman 19.36

David Ulbrick 20.08

Men – Div 3:

Emil Gundesen 20.06

Kris Lam 21.32

Alex Kaiser 20.44

Will Vigors 21.56

Matt Irons 21.20

Men – Div 5

Tim Thomas 21.51

Richard Dutton 23.01

Tony Brain 23.01

Matt Luo 27.24

Men – Div 7

Theo Tsichrintzis 27.03

Paul Kennedy 23.29

Hari Konchada 23.31

Women – Div 1

Jayne Engwerda 23.42

Julie McNamara 24.22

Alison Bryant-Smith 24.41

Sarah Emons 22.29

Women – Div 2

Rachel Painter 31.09

Sarah Castalino 25.39

Ilka Barr 26.20

Kate Scarlett 24.11

Women – Div 4 (1)

Elaine Chan 27.55

Johanna Ziegel 26.11

Marielle Nasio 34.29

Women-  Div 4(2)
Wendy-Grace Williams 28.42