Two wins in a row for MUAC’s U20 Women

Round 4 XCR’15:Victorian Cross Country Championships

Griffith, Jackson and Jackson is not the title of a august legal firm but the winning formula for MUAC’s U20 Women’s team. The team took the victory at the victory in the 2015 Victorian Cross Country Championships at Bundoora Park on Saturday. Georgia Griffith, stepping out of her track comfort zone ran well to take four place in the 6km race followed closely by Elly Jackson in 9th and Sarah Jackson in 12th. A score of 25 points garnered them the win with a slim 2 point margin over Knox.

18580346888_ac48257339_zMUAC had a record contingent of 40 athletes racing the Victorian Cross Country Championships amongst the 2500+ athletes racing the hills and grass of Bundoora on the biggest day of the year for cross country in Victoria.  MUAC’s volunteers, David McDonald, Zac Newman, Martin Mashford and Matt Irons were out early helping with junior races. Fred Smithers took on a stacked field in the U20 Mens 8km race over the new Bundoora course and ran well to take 28th place in 29:00.1.

A big contingent of MUAC women, led by Winter Captain Al Bryant Smith, lined up for the Open Women’s 8km race. The depth and speed of the team showed through with MUAC’s Premier Women (Amanda Paulin, Sarah McSweeney, Sarah James, Aislinn Prendergast and Ella Trimboli) getting 3rd place, and push MUAC into fourth on the premiership ladder. MUAC’s Division 3 Women went one better with Al Bryant Smith, Amy McCormick, Gen Blanch and Claire Boulange flying into second place. MUAC’s Division 5 Women’s team (Martine Botha, Kate Scarlett, Marie Parsons ably supported by Cassie Cohen and Bethany Hosking) continued the MUAC domination winning by more than 200 points.

18768294745_1d0b450320_kThree laps over 12km of the daunting course over Mt Cooper in Bundoora Park faced MUAC’s Open Men. The team was bolstered by the return of MUAC 5000m and 10000m record holder, MUAC life member and former club president Dan Quin for his first championship race in nearly a decade. Zac Newman showed that his approach of combining marathon training with extra curricular activities was paying off, taking 9th place in a storming run. Newman combined with Nick Earl, Yohan Philip, Winter Manager Max Ueda, Dan Quin and Hamish Beaumont to take MUAC’s Premier Men to 5th place and strengthen their grip on third on the premiership ladder. In other notable racing, Paul Shortis crossed the line 90s in front of his bitter rival Tony Brain. Guillermo Munoz Cobo made his MUAC debut and ran an impressive race to finish just outside 50 minutes.

A big thanks to MUAC’s volunteers, David McDonald, Zac Newman, Martin Mashford and Matt Irons, for helping out and to MUAC’s mascots, Roarie the Lion, Simba and Hugo.

A cool down jog and a sumptuous afternoon tea in the MUAC marquee concluded the afternoon for the tired and sore MUAC contingent.

MUAC will be racing again in two weeks for Round 5 of XCR’15, the Albert Park 10km Road Race on Sunday 28th June.


U20 Women 1st 25 points
Premier Women 3rd 138 points
Division 3 Women 2nd 301 points
Division 5 Women 1st  312 points
Premier Men 5th 310 points
Division 2 Men 13th 1000 points
U20 Women 6km
Georgia Griffith 4 22:49.5
Elly Jackson 9 23:50.7
Sarah Jackson 12 24:33.6
U20 Men 8km
Frederick Smithers 28 29:00.1
Open Women 8km
Amanda Paulin 16
Sarah McSweeney 20 31:20.3
Sarah James 24 31:54.7
Aislinn Prendergast 32 32:23.6
Ella Trimboli 46 33:26.7
Alison Bryant-Smith 65 34:43.6
Amy McCormick 68 35:07.3
Genevieve Blanch 71 35:24.3
Claire Boulange 97 36:57.8
Isidora Stefanovic 100 37:17.6
Martine Botha 101 37:22.2
Katharine Scarlett 105 37:31.5
Marie Parsons 116 38:09.7
Cassandra Cohen 133 39:39.9
Bethany Hosking 186 48:43.7
Open Men 12km
Zac Newman 9 39:31.7
Nicholas Earl 15 39:54.3
Yohan Philip 43 42:04.5
Erik Ueda 62 43:27.7
Daniel Quin 74 43:58.7
Hamish Beaumont 107 45:55.0
David Paroissien 116
Dion Houtman 144 47:04.8
Shohei Waller 166 47:59.2
Jordan Mayston 193 49:30.2
Timothy Thomas 211 50:32.2
Guillermo Munoz Cobo 217 50:54.6
Paul Shortis 261 53:25.1
Gerarde Kelly 262 53:25.1
Tony Brain 291 55:07.9
Andrew Selby Smith