Two new MUAC World Champions

2016 World Masters Games


A troop of MUAC’s elder statespeople headed west for the World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth, held mostly at the WA Athletics Stadium from October 26 to November 6.

We’re especially pleased to report that we have two new World Champions. Catherine MacRae secured a gold medal in the W35 Pole Vault with a clearance of 3.4 m. The picture shows Cath celebrating on the mat the day before her competition. She was quietly confident. Leon D’Onofrio also took home the gold with a 4.40m vault.

Dawn Hartigan came perilously close to a gold, securing a silver medal in the W55 Pole Vault with a jump of 2.90 m. She has a badly injured right shoulder, so it was an especially gritty performance.

Our other medallist was Donna Egglestone who came third in the W40 Pole Vault with a jump of 1.60 m. She too injured her shoulder half-way through the competition but soldiered on. Inspiring stuff.

In the 400m hurdles Carmen Deane came a close 4th with a time of 1:09:92.

Irie Hill, past member of MUAC and the Club’s women’s pole vault record holder, took out the gold medal in W45 Pole Vault, clearing 3.60.

We are also proud of our other club members, Warren Hill, Dale Masini, Louise Davey and Mark Burgman, who had great performances in their events in pole vault, high jump and the heptathlon. Warren Hill was there throughout, coaching, giving advice, encouragement and even beer, when the going got tough. All the athletes are very grateful to him for his mentorship and enthusiasm.

The best thing about the Championships was the spirit of the competition. There was lots of cheering and encouragement from the bleachers and from the other athletes. It was just a whole lot of fun.
2016 World Masters Games