Tim Hui

MUAC Member Profile
d7b52ec6-a846-4977-99c0-c13234186dfbYears as MUAC member – 2 years
Preferred race and distance – 800m
Best race you’ve run – run 4 the kids 2015 – massive PB and 9th overall
Fictional character you most closely resemble– Leslie Chow (Hangover)
Last time you got yelled at (and why) – I had a really nasty boss while working in Hong Kong about 4 years ago, he called a meeting at 1am and gave the entire finance team an ear bashing. I don’t remember the reason why, but I left the company about a week later.
Most surprising fact – Played accordion in a Swedish folk metal band for two years
Who would play you in a movie – Ken Jeong
Most embarrassing outfit – there are so many, MUAC singlet with board shorts, everything I wore as a teenager.
Favourite flavour of Big M – choc berry
Hidden skill– I once ate a whole turkey in 25 minutes