Sun shines on start of AV Shield

AV Shield Round 1

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The first weekend in October saw the start of the AV Shield season for 2018/19 with MUAC athletes in action at Aberfeldie, Ballarat and Geelong. Steady team performances saw the Division One Women take second place (4243 points) , and the Division One Men first (8035 points)  as we start the drive towards qualifying for Shield Final in February.

Kath Iannello topped the women’s scoring with her 3.55m vault delivering 509 points for the team, with Tamara Mancuso’s long jump of 5.02m garnering 438 points.  Christian Paynter’s heave of 38.02m in the discus (482 points) and 1.95m in the high jump (484 points) topped the MUAC points haul for the day.

A big shout out to Jason Tek, Heinrik Chun Ho Choong and Hugh Van Cuylenburg who made their debut for the club.

Thanks to Warren, Kath, Pete, Hamish and all those who helped fulfil our Round 1 duty at the Pole Vault.

MUAC will be back in action next Saturday with Round 2 of AV Shield (Doncaster as the ‘home’ venue, Nunawading, Llanberis Reserve, Landy Field and Flora Hill) chasing more points to secure the teams spot in the final.

Results (live, final)

AV Shield Round 1 18/19
100m: Liam Schreck 11.98 (0.6); Heinrik Chun Ho Choong 12.12 (2.0); Tony Brain 20.04 (+0.0);
400m: Merhawi Minassi 51.81; Liam Schreck 52.43; Peter Gaukrodger 58.40; Bryn Loneragan 58.79; Hugh Van Cuylenburg 61.11; Alister Perkinson 63.22; Tony Brain 81.93; Hamish Beaumont 85.74; Jarrod Pageot 50.57;
1500m: Erik Ueda 4:16.1h; Peter Gaukrodger 4:39.5h; Alister Perkinson 4:40.9h; Alex Hannah 4:52.2h; Bryn Loneragan 4:54.5h; Hamish Beaumont 5:37.6h;
2000m Walk: Hamish Beaumont 15:01.4h; Timothy Thomas 17:46.7h;
Discus: Christian Paynter 38.02m; Jarrod Pageot 34.57m; Mohaneesh Pitre 25.44m; Hamish Beaumont 15.09m;
Hammer: Mohaneesh Pitre 29.37m;
High Jump: Christian Paynter 1.95m;
Javelin: Nicholas Masini 36.36m;
Long Jump: Liam Schreck 6.25m (1.6);
Pole Vault: Nicholas Masini 3.70m; Christian Paynter 3.95m;
100m: Jason Tek 12.15 (0.6);
Pole Vault: Andrew Conkling NM;
100m: Kira Davey 13.89 (-0.0); Allyson O’Brien 15.76 (2.7);
400m: Eleni Gilden 59.83; Rosamond Gilden 61.37; Kira Davey 65.63;
100m Hurdles: Kira Davey 16.07 (-0.3);
Discus: Kira Davey 26.97m;
Javelin: Kira Davey 21.41m;
Long Jump: Tamara Mancuso 5.02m; Kira Davey 4.98m; Katherine Iannello 3.63m;
Pole Vault: Katherine Iannello 3.55m; Tamara Mancuso NM; Kira Davey NM;