Statewide competition starts 2017 for MUAC

AV Shield Round 10


MUAC athletes were competing statewide on Saturday as all AV Shield venues combined for one giant, combined competition.  Hot conditions across Victoria greeted athletes as they returned to action after the festive break, with MUAC members competing at John Landy Field, Geelong, Llanberis Reserve, Ballarat, LUBAC, Bendigo, Aberfeldie Athletics Track, Moonee Valley and Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Doncaster. The MUAC Women continued to dominate the competition with the two Division One teams taking first and third at Round 10 and extending their ladder lead to an even 20 points. The MUAC Men find themselves in a more precarious position, collecting another second place, and now just two points clear of Essendon with two rounds remaining of the AV Shield season.

Master spear thrower Mate Zahtila hit the target with 54.18m to score 495 points for MUAC’s top point score of the day, with Christian Paynter not far behind, garnering  473 points for a 49.70m chuck. Kaitlin Morgan jumped straight back into action flying 5.33m in the Long Jump, scoring 471 points, our best female point score of the day, just in front of Emily Lawson’s 467 points for the 400m (57.05). 7 MUAC athletes racked up more than 1000 points for the day: Jarrod Pageot, Kaitlin Morgan, Kath Iannello, Miranda Williams, Kira Davey, Tamara Mancuso and Christian Paynter who topped the tally with a massive 2457 point haul at John Landy Field.

MUAC will be back in action for Round 11 of AV Shield, Zone v Zone 3, at Aberfeldie on Saturday 14 January.