Shield Final 2013

jp smallThe division one men took to Albert Park on Saturday to take on the top clubs in Victoria in a bid to walk away with the Shield. The men pulled out an enormous effort to take on the hard task ahead of them under the hot conditions.
Stand out performances belong to Mark Kirwan’s clinic in the 3km steeplechase taking victory comfortably; Aaron Page, willingly stepping up to fill a remarkable 7 events on the day, after a podium finish at the Vic Multi event champs the week before; and John Peavey, who without his pet event the High Jump, managed to recall on his own multi event days and throw a seasons best in the Javelin where he placed 3rd.
These efforts combined with that of the rest of the team helped MUAC claim 5th spot on the ladder for the day. Only one place down on where they were last season.

I’ll tread carefully here as I do not want to take anything away from the 2013 team’s result, quite the opposite in fact.
Going into the final I thought that last years program played to the club’s strengths more than what this year had on offer. The throwing events usually scare me in the regard that other than shot put, the Rawlinson track doesn’t accommodate the throwing events, and when you can’t train for an event, how can you excel? As with the high hurdles, a discussion with the coaches after the new year brought to light we only have one capable hurdler and we had to forgo a second runner for that event. Then the sprints, maybe just as a 12.5s runner they frighten me anyway, but I knew the two top names on my spreadsheet were highlighted red, not because they were red hot, but were out of contention due to injuries.
However scrolling down, I was comforted to see how much green I had in the sheets showing the depth the team had throughout all the major points scoring events. And again on game day, reserves came into play quite heavily, ask Dave McDonald, who went from a 3x reserve into 2x competitor.

Without taking into account the program, 5th is a great result for the club and we will maintain our place in the top division to compete again next year and I am proud of all the competitors both on the day and throughout the season who ensured the team made it through to the final.
With taking into account my concerns, maybe I shouldn’t worry so much.

Congratulations again to all involved and who qualified.
Same time next year?

MUAC Div 1 Finals Team 2013
Mark Kirwan,David Paroissien,Leigh Goedecke,Grant Morgan,Jordan Mayston,Matthew Wason,Timothy Thomas,David McDonald,Luka Cosic,Tyson Garnham,Leighton Stace,Mitchell Mackenzie,David Kirszenblat,Mina Barsoum,Hari Konchada,Tony Brain,Matthew Irons,John Peavey,Jarrod Pageot,Leon D’Onofrio,Aaron Page,Jorge De La Cruz,
Qualifiers who were unable to compete on the day.
Peter Garkrodger,Adam Hannah,Kiao Inthavong,Corwin Pusch,Matt Sullivan,Emil Gundessen.

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