Road running by numbers

Geelong Road Relays

Distance from Rawlinson Track, University of Melbourne to Belmont Criterium Course Geelong: 80.5km

Distance run by MUAC athletes at Geelong Road Relays: 157.5km

Cumulative time run by MUAC athletes: 9:36:19

Average pace by MUAC athlete: 3:39min/km

Fastest time (male): Mark Kirwan, 19:04

Fastest time (female): Sarah McSweeney, 23:23

Cumulative calories burned whilst racing: 11994

Number of steps taken by MUAC athletes: 95455

Average place for MUAC teams: 5.4

Date of race in Unix timecode: 1344646800

Ratio of headband to coolness: 1:1

Katy Perry fans in the White Train: 1

Alcohol by volume in a bottle of Haywards 5000: 7.5%

Number of Luftballons: 99