Podium for MUAC Men at AV Shield Final

2019 AV Shield Final

A strong effort by the MUAC Men saw them lead for most of the day at the AV Shield Final, just overtaken by eventual Division One winner Glenhuntly in the late afternoon to record a strong second place. ┬áMUAC’s Division One Women took a creditable fourth place.

Full report to follow.


100m: Liam Schreck 11.95 (0.4); Merhawi Minassi 11.99 (0.7); Alister Perkinson 13.28 (-1.4); Dhilan Chandrasekara 14.17 (-1.4); Tony Brain 19.59 (-0.9); Christian Paynter DNS (-0.7);
400m: Merhawi Minassi 51.86; Liam Schreck 52.07; Christian Paynter 52.91; Hugh Van Cuylenburg 55.21; Bryn Loneragan 56.24; Alister Perkinson 58.12;
1500m: Bryn Loneragan 4:20.1h; Frank Ciancio 4:38.5h; Matthew Schepisi 4:22.7h; Alister Perkinson 4:33.3h; Michael Dardis 4:55.9h;
3000m Steeple: Matthew Schepisi 10:16.7h; Alister Perkinson 10:55.8h; Hamish Beaumont 13:13.0h;
110m Hurdles: Christian Paynter 16.93 (0.9); Liam Schreck 17.80 (0.9); Jarrod Pageot DNS (0.9);
2000m Walk: Hamish Beaumont 12:16.2h; Timothy Thomas DQ;
Discus: Christian Paynter 38.38m; Nicholas Masini 28.47m; Jarrod Pageot DNS;
Javelin: Christian Paynter 51.21m; Liam Schreck 46.90m; Nicholas Masini 44.13m;
Long Jump: Christian Paynter 6.71m; Liam Schreck 6.56m; Matthew Schepisi 4.66m;
Pole Vault: Nicholas Masini 3.70m; Jarrod Pageot DNS; Stefan Mancuso DNS;
100m: Cassandra Wang Lecouteur 12.50 (-0.1); Akshaya Iyer 12.58 (-0.1); Eileen Forbes 12.79 (-0.1); Isabelle Ewert 13.84 (-0.6); Montana Beruldsen DNS (1.6);
400m: Cassandra Wang Lecouteur 59.88; Allyson O’Brien 71.47; Isabelle Ewert 66.50; Akshaya Iyer 67.08; Montana Beruldsen DNS;
1500m: Allyson O’Brien 5:38.3h;
100m Hurdles: Kira Davey 15.97 (-0.9); Montana Beruldsen DNS (-0.9);
Discus: Kira Davey 29.00m; Katherine Iannello 21.69m;
Javelin: Kira Davey 28.01m;
Long Jump: Tamara Mancuso 5.08m; Kira Davey 5.03m;
Pole Vault: Katherine Iannello 3.55m; Tamara Mancuso 3.40m;

Around the Grounds


Reilly Shaw has extended his record breaking efforts, running 8:44.41 to add the 3000m Steeplechase Open MUAC record to his 3000m flat record at the Sydney Track Classic. Catriona Bisset also starred running a personal best and coming within .12 of breaking the MUAC 800m record.