Pleasant Sunday afternoon in Williamstown

AV Shield Round 6


The mild Williamstown winds and Sunday competition might have been unusual, but nothing stopped MUAC athletes from getting amongst it at AV Shield on Sunday. Regan Lamble kicked the day off with a fine 5000m walk, collecting 540 points for her endeavour and lapping Club President Hamish Beaumont 3 times. Kaitlin Morgan and Hannah Alderton’s gave the demolition derby a try, or maybe the 100m hurdles, it was often difficult to tell. Once again Kira Davey was everywhere, collecting points and she will undoubtedly be the highest scorer for the day again.  Kirsty Forsdike-Young jumped straight into competition and ran well in the third heat of the 1500m, unfettered by the the more seasoned competitors. Will Meggitt made his debut in the MUAC sash, scorching a 50.40 400m in his first race since intercollegiate athletics. Seamus Hayes returned to competition and hauled his 99kg frame around the track for a 49.63 400m and a 11.01 100m. Mate Zahtila is showing so good post exams form heaving the spear 54.09m for a big win in the javelin. Kath Iannello and Cath Macrae also topped the 500 point mark, with their 3.40m jumps on Thursday night.

With full complements of athletes through most events, the MUAC Men extended their unbeaten streak, reaching the halfway point of the season well clear on top of the ladder. It was much closer for the MUAC Women, with gaps in some track events giving our rivals the chance to inflict our first defeat of the season, the team taking second by 750 points. The women will remain will clear on top of the ladder, with a chance to regroup before Round 7 in a couple of weeks.

MUAC will be back in action this weekend for the Victorian Track Relay Championships at Lakeside Stadium.

AV Shield Round 6