MUAC leads Div 1 AV Shield ladders

Around the grounds
AV Shield

clancyMUAC continued it’s impressive early season at AV Shield, on Saturday 30th November at Aberfeldie.  The Womens Division 1 team rebounded to take another emphatic win, whilst the Mens Division 1 team was  second, only 21 points behind Athletics Essendon.

Strong performances included

  • Seamus Hayes, 1st Div 1, 200m, 22.25
  • Emma Zalcman, 1st Div 1, 200m, 25.74
  • Clancy McLeod, 1st Div 1, 800m, 1:56.3
  • Men 4x400m relay, 1st Div 1, 3:41.28
  • Hannah Alderton, 1st Div 1 Triple Jump, 11.05m
  • Genevieve Lawrence, 1st Div 1 High Jump, 1.50m
  • Aaron Page, 1st Div 1 Pole Vault, 3.85m
  • Cath Macrae, 1st Div 1 Pole Vault, 3.55m
  • Seamus Hayes, 1st Div 1 Shot Put, 12.89m
  • Kath Iannello, 1st Div 1 Shot Put, 9.18m
  • Kath Iannello, 1st Div 1 Hammer, 20.28m


Team Results


High Velocity Club

Simon Greig won the A 100m at HVC on Sunday, 1st December at Lakeside Stadium, clocking a time of 10.71

Seamus Hayes backed up from a strong Saturday at Shield to run 49.44 for 3rd in a hot 400m.


Zatopek Lower Grades

Mark Kirwan rounded in to some late year form, running 31:35 to win the B Grade Zatopek. Nick Earl took 7th with 34:04, Karsten Hollander 10th with 35:17 and Ruth Mills claimed 2nd in the Women’s race running 39:52