MUAC goes to work on the farm

Round 3 XCR17: Cruden Farm Cross Country


MUAC rolled up it’s sleeves and went to work at Cruden Farm on Saturday for Round 3 of XCR’17.  For most, it was an easy commute on the MUAC bus, with much discussion of the work day ahead in the picturesque gardens of Cruden Farm. The U20 women again harvested maximum points, with Ciara Boyd-Squires Long, Sarah Lloyd and Emily French all in the top 11 and claiming a second team victory in a row.  Josh Taylor made his debut for MUAC with a lucky 13th place in the U20 race.  Not all the farm work was being done on the racing track with our fine volunteers putting in the hours to help out the club and ensure that the races went smoothly.  A big thanks to Lanita’s mum for supervising the mud pit, Matt Connolly, Ally O’Brien and Phil van Dueren for their work in the car park, and Phil for his fine photography.

MUAC’s Premier Women continue to step up, with a debut from Lisa Dick bolstering the team, and the duo of Stella Radford and Sarah James leading the team to 5th place. Our Division 3 team reaped it’s best result of the season, 2nd, with fine running in the mud by Pippa Trevella, Lanita Steer, Alex Bull, Vicky Huang and Ally O’Brien. MUAC’s Premier Men took a strong 4th place and will remain in second on the premiership ladder after three rounds.  There were good runs by MUAC debutants Cedric Rouveyrol and Luke Jones, with the top three mens teams scoring valuable points.

MUAC will be back at work on Saturday, 17 June for the Victorian Cross Country Championships and National Championship Selection Trials at Bundoora Park.

U20 Women, 1st, 23 points

Premier Women, 5th, 211 points

Division 3 Women, 2nd, 352 points

Premier Men, 4th, 241 points

Division 2 Men, 10th, 856 points

Division 3 Men, 12th, 1144 points

Top finishers
U20 Women, 4th, Ciara Boyd-Squires Long, 32:32

U20 Men, 13th, Josh Taylor, 20:15

Open Women, 17th, Stella Radford, 30:13

Open Men, 23rd, Frankie Conway, 51:50

Cruden Farm 2017