MUAC gets the votes at Wandin Park

Round 2 XCR17: Wandin Park Cross Country


A record contingent of MUAC athletes took to the testing hills of Wandin Park on Saturday, 13 May, as the XCR’17 campaign heats up.  In the Women’s U20 Division, the MUAC slate of Boyd-Squires Long, Lloyd, French and Miller have clinched a comprehensive victory.  The team’s 23 point score, and victory, was clear early to party officials, with exit polling showing a clear trend to MUAC. The four woman team sits on top of the ladder at present and will be bolstered by the return of Maddison Button from Open competition.

With 27 MUAC Open Men on the line in the 8km race, team permutations took on the complexity of the Hare-Clark system.  Nick Earl duked it out up front, delivering a strong personal vote to come 2nd, behind Andy Buchanan, helping push the team towards a winning quota.  Behind him Isaac Hockey, Frankie Conway, Zac Newman, debutant Chris O’Neill and shy voter Charlie Park were polling well in a deep field.  Early results from outlying booths have MUAC in a strong position, and party scrutineers are quietly confident that the team result will fall their way.  The winning margin will be very tight and a recount will likely be needed to verify the result.  Party officials expect the final result to be declared by mid week.

The strong results at the top of the ticket have other MUAC Open Mens teams benefiting with the wave sweeping both Division Two and Division Three to top four results. The bellwether Division Three, indicative of the depth of the teams, is particularly pleasing senior party officials, who spoke off the record, as official results were not yet released. With 27 athletes the MUAC look poised to score in five Open Divisions and 50+ Men.

Sarah James headed the ticket for the Open Women, with a strong 16th place.  Maddy Button ran well, stepping up to the Open ranks with debutant Catriona Bissett, Lanita Steer and Pippa Trevella making up the Premier Division team.  Scrutineers are confident that the MUAC Women have picked up some valuable points, moving up four spots from Round 1, and will be bolstered further by the return of Stella Radford for Round 3. The MUAC Division Three Women will score well with a projected top eight result for the team.

Breaking News: Victory confirmed for MUAC in U20 Women and Premier Men, with strong showing in many divisions.

U20 Women 1st, Premier Men 1st.

Premier Women, 7th, Division 3 Women, 4th.

Division 2 Men, 3rd, Division 3 Men, 4th, Division 5 Men, 3rd, Division 7 Men, 3rd, 50+ Men, 13th.

 A big welcome to MUAC debutants Catriona Bissett, Chris O’Neill, Tam Hong and Alley Miller.

The MUAC party functionaries quickly adjourned to the Coldstream Brewery post race for some amateur psephology and to inveigh against the dangers of fake news. The party faithful were provisioned on the return journey with a bounty from Bubba Pizza.  The bus trip home saw persistent push polling for further celebrations upon the return to Parkville, and MUAC members adjourned to the Clyde Hotel to following the ongoing vote count.

MUAC will be back in action for Round 3 of XCR’17 at Cruden Farm on Saturday, 27 May.

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Wandin Park 2017