MUAC defends Tan Relays title

XCR19 Round 10: Tan Relays

MUAC’s Premier Women defended their 2018 Tan Relays title and pushed the team onto the podium for the season.  Behind them, the Division 3 Women took victory as well ensuring they will be promoted to Division 2 for XCR20.

The Premier Women’s team was lead off by Lisa Weightman, who’s 12:15 improved her 10 year old personal best and ranks her in the top 10 all time around the Tan. The team would not be challenged for the remaining four legs with Sarah Billings runnning 12:29, the third fastest time of the day, and Linda Wrede, Ciara Boyd-Squires Long and Elly Benson running well to take the win by more than 90 seconds. 

MUAC’s Division 3 Women confirmed their promotion to Division 2 with a 70 second win. Chelsea Saw, Chui LIng Goh, Amy McCormick and Gabriella Springall all ran between 14:03 and 14:44

MUAC’s Premier Men got off to a slippery start and ran well, averaging under 12 minutes a lap, to take fourth place and lock in a top five finish on the premiership ladder.

There were debutants across the divisions with Sam Foster, Greg Steele and Linda Wrede making their debuts.

Thanks to our athletes who stepped up and volunteered on the day to fulfil MUAC’s volunteer requirements.

A big thanks to Greg Steele for his season as cameraman, and to Philip van Dueren and Michael Dardis for their photography.

MUAC will be back in action as a team at Round One of AV Shield League on October 5.



Full team placings:

Premier Women: 1st

Div 3 Women: 1st

Div 5 Women: 2nd, 11th

Premier Men: 4th

Div 2 Men: 4th

Div 3 Men: 4th

Div 4 Men: 3rd

Div 5 Men: 2nd

Div 6 Men: 4th

Div 7 Men: 8th, 19th

Lisa Weightman, fastest of the day with 12:15. Sarah Billings 3rd fastest (12:29)


XCR19 Tan Relays