MUAC climbs to the top of the ladder

AV Shield Round 2


Both the MUAC men’s and women’s teams climbed to the top of the ladder after winning at the Division 1 level on Saturday, October 24, at Aberfeldie. The MUAC Women had a commanding victory, winning by 86 points, with the men won by a comparatively narrow 38 points*. MUAC welcomed debutants Olivia Honore, Peter Bray, Ralph Street and Canadian import, Jeannette Van Den Bulk, who donned the commemorative 125th anniversary singlets. 28 MUAC athletes took to the track and field, producing a total of 81 performances. 16 of the 36 guys who competed in the men’s 3000m were from Melbourne Uni.

Individual highlights were as follows. Club president, Hamish Beaumont, kicked off the day with an exciting performance in the 400m hurdles. Kath Iannello competed in a whopping total of six events, winning the hammer, high jump and shot-put. Just as impressive was Carmen Deane’s return to the track after having recently recovered from a rib injury. She competed in four events, winning the triple jump. Sarah McSweeney won the 3000m and Aaron Page the high jump. Gwen Thornton was awarded a wheel of cheese for her strong performance in the 800m. The four ladies from the sprint squad competed in the 800m, shot-put and 4x200m relay in spite of two dodgy hamstrings, a broken rib and twisted bowel!

Thank you to the volunteers who helped out at the shot put (Cath, Jr, Gwen, Dave, Jeannette, Al, Chris, Max, Ian and more), in particular, Peter Gaukrodger, who was there for the better part of the afternoon! Without the help of volunteers, the competition cannot go ahead. Don’t forget to preregister by Thursday for Round 3 of AV Shield at Williamstown on Saturday, 31 October.


AV Shield Round 2

*MUAC athletes who scored more points than the margin of victory

Kath Iannello

Chris Ma

Junkers Zhou

Matt Styles

Al Cole

Aaron Page

Max Ueda

Nick Earl

Hamish Beaumont

James Maguire

Peter Gaukrodger

Jordan Mayston

Ian Lawford

Phil van Dueren