MUAC Busts Balnarring Track

Balnarring Cross Country

The Balnarring course, in its second year of running, served up a soggy wet track built for those that are bred thoroughly for such a track. Distractions of the wafting smells from the nearby BBQ were put aside as the White Train team prepared to jump, slip and run through the course.

The Open Men were first to race and with a good turnout filled 3 teams. The crowded starting line-up did not deter the White Train as the men all lined together near the front. The track was slippery, heavy, and mushy and with many switchback turns, caution to not slip over was the key to the day. Well done to seasoned performers Grant Morgan (fastest MUAC male 26.42), Zac Newman, David Paroissien, Thomas Emil Gundesen, new recruit David Miller and evergreen Andrew Selby Smith for finishing in the top 6 to account for the MUAC Division 1 team. The mens teams placings are Div 1 (7th) Div 2 (4th) Div 4 (5th).

The Open Womens were able to fill 2 teams both in Div 1 and Div 2. Being the last race of the day the track did not get any drier and therefore made it much harder going. Congratulations to Sophie Barker (fastest MUAC female 14.07 5th overall), Melanie Fayen, Julie Mcnamara, and Charlotte Curnow, for finishing in the top 4 for MUAC Division 1 team.
The women’s team placings are Div 1 (3rd) Div 2 (3rd). Great effort!

Also running for the first time for the club were Fiona Enter, Matteo Senesi, and Matthew Buck. Well done and hope to see you in more races!

The after race post mortem was warmly held under the tent that thankfully Tim Thomas (Thanks Tim!) had brought along for all of us. MUAC now looks forward to steaming on through to Race 3 at Flemington in three weeks’ time, and to consolidate our positions in all respective divisions.

XCR Team Ladder After 2 Rounds
Mens Div.1  –  10th                           Womens Div.1  –  3rd
Mens Div.2  –  7th                             Womens Div.2  –  10th
Mens Div.4  –  6th
Mens Div.6  –  7th


Team Results