MUAC athletes start year on a high

Falls Creek Training

31 athletes made the post Christmas pilgrimage to Falls Creek for some serious altitude training, along with some not so serious revelry and relaxation.  Cooroona Lodge hosted the MUAC contingent at Falls Creek, a part of the more than 250 athletes training on the trails including most of Australia’s top distance runners along the aspiring and those looking to get the best out of themselves.  Traditional training sessions such as Fitzy’s Hut, the Towers run and Pretty Valley were on the menu, with more than 150 athletes on some of the runs.  Post run dips in the icy waters of the aqueduct were common as a aid to recovery though not all athletes were keen on the prospect.  Not all the time was taken up with training.  There was a regular post run sauna session with much lively discussion, some competitive crossword solving, the occasional bike ride and a great degree of relaxation.  Stay tuned to see the effects of the training at altitude in coming weeks.

Back in Melbourne, the MUAC sprint squad under Manfred Lewandowski were hard at work at The University of Melbourne.  The week long camp of double sessions and focussed recovery (ice baths!) will hold them in good stead for the upcoming championships season.

The only question is

who’s going to Falls in 2012/13?