Mt Buller conquered by White Train

Mt Buller Camp

Over the labour day weekend, 25 MUAC athletes left the bustle and grind of the city for the tranquil training environment of Mount Buller.

Now an annual fixture on the White Train calendar, the Buller training camp is an opportunity for MUAC members both new and old to come together, develop and strengthen team camaraderie, and commence preparation for cross country season. On saturday we awoke to find our lodge swamped by fog, but headed out regardless for an eerie relay 800m interval session. We waited, listening for the footfalls of our team mates before they emerged from the mist, shouting ‘A? Anyone from team A? GO!!’

The afternoon was spent puzzling over crosswords and trivia, before a second easy jog to the summit to admire the view.
On sunday, groups headed out for a hilly long run towards or onto Mount Stirling. Challenging a group of 4WD’s for supremacy, Nic Browne ultimately claimed the summit for New Zealand, which may ignite a Danish/Kiwi war. Next year, the Melbourne boys assure us they will claim back Stirling as Australian territory.

A shorter run on Monday, then the group headed back to Melbourne, ready to throw themselves into training for the first XC race for 2011: Jells Park.

Many thanks to Winter Manager Kate Scarlett for her organisation and Hamish Beaumont, Tim Thomas, and Mick Wong for their efforts in assisting her over the weekend.

Sunday run to Mt Stirling.