Montag on the march at Round 2 of AV Shield

AV Shield Round 2

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MUAC’s teams fared well at AV Shield in a busy weekend of athletics across the state. MUAC’s Division One Women eked out a narrow victory (scoring 5384 points), whilst the Division One Men benefited from a late surge of points from regional booths, with a solid win (7691 points) for the second week in a row.

Christian Paynter again topped the point scoring for the men, with 40.92m in the discus garnering 502 points and 53.18m in the javelin for 490 points. Commonwealth 20km Walks Champion Jemima Montag topped the women’s scoring with 492 points for her 14:13.4 3000m walk. Lucy Buckley opened up her track season with a national qualifier 4:37.7 1500m at Nunawading for 476 points. With a small (under 300 point) margin of victory every performance contributed to victory in Division One Women.

MUAC will be back in action for Round 3 of AV Shield this weekend with competition at Williamstown, Casey Fields, Llanberis, Landy Field and Flora Hill.


AV Shield Round 2 18/19

100m: Liam Schreck 11.85 (0.6); Christian Paynter 11.87 (3.0);
200m: Bryn Loneragan 27.07 (-0.3); Michael Dardis 27.63;
400m: Christian Paynter 55.85; Hugh Van Cuylenburg 59.69;
800m: Peter Gaukrodger 2:09.7h; Bryn Loneragan 2:13.5h; Michael Dardis 2:13.9h; Philip Van Dueren 2:41.3h; Tony Brain 2:53.8h; Frank Ciancio 2:39.8h; Hamish Beaumont 2:51.6h;
5000m: Frank Ciancio 17:52.7h; Hamish Beaumont 20:19.1h;
3000m Steeple: Peter Gaukrodger 11:37.9h;
3000m Walk: Hamish Beaumont DQ; Timothy Thomas DQ;
Discus: Christian Paynter 40.93m; Liam Schreck 28.05m;
High Jump: Philip Van Dueren 1.20m;
Javelin: Christian Paynter 53.18m; Liam Schreck 44.75m;
Long Jump: Christian Paynter 6.60m (+0.0); Liam Schreck 6.23m (0.2);
Shot Put: Christian Paynter 13.77m; Hamish Beaumont 5.74m;
200m: Cassandra Wang Lecouteur 26.58 (-0.8); Kira Davey 28.45 (-1.6);
400m: Emma Hogan 66.29;
800m: Eleni Gilden 2:17.0h; Rosamond Gilden 2:17.5h;
1500m: Lucinda Buckley 4:37.4h; Emma Hogan 4:57.7h;
400m Hurdles: Kira Davey 69.73;
3000m Walk: Jemima Montag 14:13.4h;
Hammer: Kira Davey 21.00m;
High Jump: Kira Davey 1.45m;
Shot Put: Kira Davey 9.23m;
Triple Jump: Kira Davey 10.34m;