McNamara claims Gold at gala dinner

Winter Awards Dinner

The White Train celebrated the end of a successful winter season on Saturday, the 2nd of October with the Winter Awards Dinner at the Prince Alfred Hotel in Carlton. Awards were handed out to the deserving, stories were told about the season and plans were hatched for 2011.

A small cadre of athletes started the afternoon with some ten pin bowling, before meeting more of the team at the Rawlinson Track for a traditional novelty race. A quick saunter through the campus to the Prince Alfred Hotel led to the site of the formal event where the awards were handed out. Julie McNamara won the coveted MUAC Golden Shoe with Zac Newman in second place and Tim Thomas and Kate Scarlett in equal third. Sophie Barker won performance of the season for her race at Brimbank Park. Harry Smithers and Johanna Ziegel won the Best Fresher prizes. David Ulbrick and Kate Scarlett won the awards for Most Improved and Richard Dutton took home the Coaches Encouragement Award.
MUAC middle and long distance coach Tony Brain was effusively thanked for his ongoing guidance and Winter Manager Kate Scarlett received the acclaim of the White Train for her stellar work directing the White Train to a record breaking season.

Final Golden Shoe Ladder