Iannello flies in Reno

US National Pole Vault Summit

Two Pole Vault superstars:MUAC’s Kath Iannello and World Record Holder Renaud Lavillenie in Reno

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Every year in January, the biggest pole vault event in the world takes place in Reno, Nevada. The National Pole Vault Summit sees people from all across the USA and the world come together to participate in clinics, listen to guest speakers and of course compete – indoors! This year, guests speakers included the designers of Nike athletics shoes and Philippe D’Encausse (coach of Renaud Lavillenie). Renaud was also one of the vaulters in the men’s elite competition along with Commonwealth Games gold medalist Steve Lewis with Mary Saxer (USA) vaulting in the women’s elite competition.
Twelve pole vault pits are set up in the middle of an arena and athletes of all abilities compete throughout the day. I had the opportunity to participant this year and what an amazing experience! With little sleep, borrowed poles, feedback from other coaches or anyone that could help I jumped an indoor PB of 3.35m – my first competition indoors and outside Australia. I loved every minute of it! I met a lot of great people, had a lot of fun and jumped well.