Gwen Thornton

MUAC Member Profile

What got you started in athletics? – I’ve always been running, because the boys were chasing me. I used to refuse to ride on the back of my Mum’s bike when I was a kid. And we’d run home when I was four years old. E15496540858_ed8ff285a9_kver since then I’ve loved running, from cross country to track.
What do you like about training at Melbourne Uni? – The guys are great! It’s a lot of fun. The coaches are good.
What’s your preferred event? – 400m hurdles.
What’s your biggest accomplishment so far? – Qualifying for Nationals.
What would be your ultimate achievement? – My ultimate achievement in athletics would be to run nationals.

My ultimate achievement in life?… Something awesome with animals like working for WWF.
Have you ever made a donation to the lolly jar? – It’s pending. Once I get out of uni I’ll make donations.
Why do you always make inappropriate comments at training? – English is not my first language and so the words that come out of my mouth often get misconstrued!
Why do you always slap the guys’ butts at training? – I haven’t slapped anyone’s butt in months! Carmen’s getting lonely.
Would you like the club to pay for more free booze? – Yes, because I think being drunk at training would probably feel better than how I feel running most sessions.
Is there any marriage material in the squad? – For sure, but Carmen’s already married.


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