Dashing Divas demolish 100km

Oxfam Trailwalker

On Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st of April, four [insert adjective of choice] members of MUAC completed the Oxfam Trailwalker in a time of 20 hours and 20 minutes. The ‘Dashing Divas’ led by Al Bryant-Smith, and comprising Ilka Barr, Kate Scarlett and Andy Selby-Smith braved rain, shine, darkness, fog, paths too narrow for both of Andy’s ginormous quads to fit on at the same time, a rampant wild ‘roo and sore knees, hips and feet to finish the 100kms at 3:30am Saturday morning.
The event is a fundraiser for Oxfam, and the Divas would welcome any further donations to add to the $3500 they have already raised. Donations can be made here: http://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/melbourne/teams/team/?team_id=11844
Congratulations to all four Divas who really are, truly [insert adjective of choice] for tackling such a mammoth event.