Burnley 2012, le jour de Gloire est arrivé

Burnley semi-marathon

It was early in the morning, still fairly quiet on the streets. The Saturday-night-clubbers were strolling to their beds and the bakeries were not opened for croissants yet.

Somehow you could have tell that this was not a regular Sunday. A je-ne-sais-quoi was filling the air with tension.

In the sleeping city the animals had heard a sound: a rhythmic tapping of running shoes hitting the pavement. Coming from all directions 20 magnificent MUAC athletes were trooping down to Burnley, braving the chilly morning breeze.

As they were approaching the starting line they found themselves surrounded by a fairly impressive crowd. Hundred of Victorian competitors – all pumped up, looking splendid in their bright uniforms – had come to the battlefield. The air was filled with the excitement of running; le jour de Gloire était arrivé. Time had come to put on the French-arrogance and race the Burnley Half Marathon.

That was it. No time for some Ouh là là or some Bon sang de bois qu’est ce que je fais là. After weeks of committed training, Sunday the 2nd of September was all about chic running .

The glorious sun, the cheering fans, the encouraging signs between teammates and the sound of “go Uni!” had a significant impact on the MUAC athletes. All raced with style, strived for a personal best and put great efforts in the race.

The event saw lots of fantastic running and great results in both the women and the men categories. Congratulation to our Quatre Femmes Fatales: Sarah James, Julie Mcnamara, Kate Scarlett and Alison Bryant-Smith. Mention spéciale to Sarah James who came 6th with a 20 minutes personal best: a very impressive and inspiring achievement.

Bien joué to our Quatre Intrépides: Zac Newman, Mark Kirwan, Hamish Beaumont and Kerrin Rattray. And toutes nos féliciation to Huw Pohlner who made his debut for the club.

Un grand merci, to Alison’s mum who hosted a fantastic post-race morning tea and fitted the large MUAC troop in her lovely house. We very much appreciated the hospitality. The troop had a très chouette time in her house chatting and nibbling on the finest comfort-post-run food.

Bravo les champions et rendez-vous en 2013!