Back to the ’80s for charity

Run 4 The Kids.

Sponsor this guy…

to dress like this…

whilst running Run 4 The Kids.

$500 raised for MHRI puts him on the line wearing the uniform shirt (unbuttoned to the navel!), the uniform trousers and a headband.

$1000 raised for MHRI and he’ll run to the finish with a cricket ball, bowl it and appeal after crossing the line.

The highest individual donor gets to choose what the name on the race bib is. Lillee, Boon and Bruce Reid seem to be early favourites.

Disclaimer: Run 4 The Kids is on the same weekend as the Australian Track and Field Championships. There is a chance I’ll be racing, and a chance the race will be on the Sunday. If this occurs, I’ll be forsaking the R4TK for the Nationals. The challenge won’t be in vain. I promise to walk out of the call room and warm up in my cricket gear. I think the chance of appearing on TV and being subject to ridicule is about the same.
Update: The steeplechase is on the Friday night. I’ll be ready to go by Sunday morning for some R4TK Off the Long Run Up.

Update 2: Uniform has arrived.

See you on Sunday.