A compendium of ridiculous injuries

1. Strained hamstring from forceful sneezing whilst sitting at a desk – Tony
2. Dislocated shoulder from lawn bowls – Nick
3. Headbutting the high jump uprights – Mitch
4. Strained oblique from intense table tennis play – Dave
5. Stitches from falling down the full length of an escalator – Sarah
6. Strained intercostal muscle from getting out of a pool – Dave
7. Strained back muscle from falling off a horse – Hamish

8. Dislocated shoulder whilst sleeping – Gerarde

9. Sprained ankle from tripping whilst roundhouse kicking a sandbag – Melissa

10. Strained a ligament in ankle during an anatomy exam – Lachlan

11. Fractured 4 metatarsals by jumping of a rock into the sea, trying to get the attention of a boy – Claire

12. Kicked jump box with shin requiring stiches – Leigh