MUAC takes on epic day at AV Shield Final

2015 AV Shield Final

MUAC descended on Lakeside Stadium on Saturday, 31st January for a monumental day of club track and field, the AV Shield Final. 12 hours of competition featuring 132 teams, 94 100m races, 61 400m races, 27 1500m races and more than 1500 competitors. With teams in both Womens and Mens Division 1, MUAC was one of only five clubs to be in contention for the elite premierships in Victoria’s biggest club track and field competition.


A program stretching across ten events, much was asked of competitors to represent their club. Al Bryant Smith, straight from night shift at the Royal Womens ran an impressive 1500m and backed it up with an impromptu 400m after an afternoon nap. The vaulting duo of Cath Macrae and Kath Iannello took maximum points in the Pole Vault, with Iannello making a hasty dash to fill the final spot in the 100m at short notice. Kaitlin Morgan, after a 100m and Long Jump returned to Lakeside late in the program to be part of the 4x100m relay team. Sarah McSweeney comfortably won the 3000m Steeplechase and Kate Scarlett took to the track in the 2000m walk as MUAC’s sole representative. Gwen Thornton and Gen Lawrence took to the field events with gusto, despite carrying injuries. The premiership was hard fought with Glenhuntly taking the title and less than 25 points separating 3rd through 6th.

MUAC Womens Division 1 AV Shield Final Team

Catherine Macrae
Sarah McSweeney
Ellen Schaef
Katherine Iannello
Sarah McSweeney
Katharine Scarlett
Alison Bryant-Smith
Hannah Alderton
Carmen Deane
Kaitlin Morgan
Genevieve Lawrence
Gwen Thornton
Catherine Macrae
Isobel Monotti



Mate Zahtila got the Mens team off to a great start winning the Division 1 Javelin with his first throw of 55.80m. Also in the javelin were Aaron Page and Ben Cook who would complete 10 events between them. Simon Greig took the 100m victory with a run of 10.80s leading a strong cohort of MUAC 100m men. MUAC’s strongest event of the day was the steeplechase with Mark Kirwan taking the victory in 9:10.8, just outside the club record with Romain Donneux in 3rd and Nick Earl in 4th. There were personal bests for David McDonald and Anthony Woodward in the 1500m and some fine walking by Matt Irons in the 2000m walk. The relay team of Simon Greig, Alistair Cole, Seamus Hayes and Ben Cook ran well in wet conditions to take third place.

MUAC Mens Division 1 AV Shield Final Team

Simon Greig
Mate Zahtila
Mark Kirwan
Jarrod Pageot
Romain Donneux
Seamus Hayes
Matthew Irons
Aaron Page
Nicholas Earl
Ben Cook
David McDonald
Tristan gourlay
Alistair Cole
Anthony Woodward
Alistair Cole
Hamish Beaumont
John Keating
Xuan Yong (Junkers) Zhou
David Kirszenblat
Tim Hui
Leighton Stace
Benjamin Guo


A big thanks to MUAC’s coaches, volunteers, athletes and committee over a big day of competition and the ten rounds of AV Shield leading up to the Final.

MUAC will be back in action next weekend with round 2 of AV Knockout, and a calendar packed with championships and tour meets leading up to the 93rd Australian Athletics Championships in Brisbane on 26-29 March.


Full results

Event Performance
Catherine Macrae Pole Vault 3.55m
Sarah McSweeney Steeple 10:55.4
Ellen Schaef 1500 m 04:39.0
Katherine Iannello Pole Vault 3.40m
Sarah McSweeney 1500 m 04:46.1
Katharine Scarlett Steeple 13:22.9
Alison Bryant-Smith 1500 m 05:04.9
Ellen Schaef 400 m 61.39
Hannah Alderton Long Jump 5.09m
Hannah Alderton 100 m 13.26
Carmen Deane Hurdles 18.58
Kaitlin Morgan Long Jump 4.75m
Genevieve Lawrence Discus 22.97m
Kaitlin Morgan 100 m 13.79
Katherine Iannello Discus 21.82m
Katherine Iannello Hurdles 21.08
Carmen Deane 400 m 65.91
Katharine Scarlett 1500 m 05:39.5
Gwen Thornton Javelin 21.68m
Catherine Macrae 100 m 14.44
Isobel Monotti 400 m 68.56
Alison Bryant-Smith 400 m 69.46
Katherine Iannello 100 m 14.93
Genevieve Lawrence Javelin 15.36m
Simon Greig 100 m 10.8
Mate Zahtila Javelin 55.80m
Mark Kirwan Steeple 09:10.6
Jarrod Pageot 100 m 11.33
Romain Donneux Steeple 09:31.6
Seamus Hayes 400 m 50.13
Seamus Hayes 100 m 11.35
Matthew Irons 2000 m Walk 10:38.6
Aaron Page Pole Vault 3.85m
Nicholas Earl Steeple 09:35.6
Nicholas Earl 1500 m 04:00.4
Ben Cook Discus 32.84m
Aaron Page Discus 32.71m
Aaron Page Hurdles 17.02
Aaron Page Long Jump 6.06m
David McDonald 1500 m 04:15.8
Tristan gourlay Hurdles 18.42
Alistair Cole Long Jump 5.49m
Aaron Page 100 m 12.06
Tristan gourlay Discus 29.78m
Anthony Woodward 1500 m 04:18.9
Alistair Cole 100 m 12.22
Hamish Beaumont 1500 m 04:26.0
Ben Cook Javelin 33.24m
John Keating 400 m 55.09
Ben Cook 100 m 12.32
Aaron Page Javelin 32.92m
Xuan Yong (Junkers) Zhou 400 m 55.75
David Kirszenblat 400 m 56.07
Tim Hui 1500 m 04:34.8
Leighton Stace 400 m 56.99
Benjamin Guo 1500 m 04:39.6
Hamish Beaumont 400 m 66.52
Hamish Beaumont 2000 m Walk DQ