More about Tony’s group

The Advanced Training squad aims to cater to those athletes who are particularly focussed on regular structured training based around AV/AA sanctioned middle and distance events (track, road and cross-country seasons). The aim of this squad is to have fun – with serious intent. That is best achieved by a supportive, inclusive and safe environment for all. A key component of what is expected within the training group is collaboration and support to each other in achieving their athletic goals.

We presently operate on an invitation only basis in order to manage the numbers and hence maintain appropriate levels of attention for your development along with the continuing management of Covid-19 restrictions. Current intentions around your athletics, as opposed to past performances and standards are valued the most – hence the group has a diverse range of abilities and athletic backgrounds training at present.

Session times (subject to change as a Covid-19 normal situation evolves): Track: Tuesday (5:30pm), Thursday (5:30pm), Saturday (9am).

New athletes: If you are interested in understanding this group further, please contact Tony Brain to discuss prior to coming to a session