Committee Meeting – 7th March 2017

Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Tuesday 7 March 2017
Next Meeting
Hamish Beaumont (Chair) Nick Earl
Tim Thomas
David McDonald
Tim Hui


Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Due Date
1.          General
1.1.     Have AGM same evening of annual dinner Note
1.2.     Likely to cop a fine for not supplying enough volunteers over VIC champs. We need to start thinking about how to make a better effort for managing this.


Use this as an opportunity to send out a list of people that have volunteered.

1.3.     Date for dinner – 14th May

Need organiser

Maybe lower the price for students if we can find someone to support it.

1.4.     Sydney Uni visiting next week. We have $2500 from MUS to put on dinner and drinks, prefer student competitors. Need to get caterers. Note
1.5.     Strategy meeting with MUS – 15th March 12-2pm

Our strategic priorities:

·       Meeting is overdue, need to have it same time each year

·       Track redevelopment – Need progress report, solid dates, commitments

·       Safety and risk assessment on the track, on a busy day we have cricket balls and basket balls landing on the track, serious risk of injury. People crossing the track into the in-field.

·       Cleaning schedule

·       Club trailer, where to store it (undercover)

·       Event booking – reaffirm how we book events, which events we get for free, which we must pay for (rare air)

·       Make sure they don’t limit club room access

·       High jump and pole vault bags need repairing

·       Club rooms, pushing for a trophy cabinet, and place to put Zatopek

Other bits:

·       Scholarships – need to keep engaging with the athletes, need to reiterate that people will only get support (cash) if they participate with the club. Need MUS to do some of the work. MUS asking kids to pay back scholarship if they don’t go to uni games, this is a bit harsh, try to stop this from happening.

·       Associate membership – people that are using the facilities must be competing for the university. Warren’s members are still not conforming to this. Reaffirm this.

·       Heavy Weights Room – shouldn’t have to pay as much

·       MUS website is rubbish. Front page says score update (should be called results), results should be up to date.

1.6.     Need to fill roles: Summer, Winter, Finance, Secretary, President Note
1.7.     Coaching recruitment – potentially another sprints coach interested Note
1.8.     Buller in Easter Note
1.9.     Life members – registration for free if they want to compete (i.e. they get the base not the winter or summer package). Note
2.          Alumni Engagement
3.          Finances
3.1.     $8,365 surplus from 2016

3.2.     $1300 currently

3.3.     $11,447 in term deposit

4.          Winter
5.          Summer
6.          Registrar
7.          Social
8.          Other Business