Committee Meeting – 31 March 2016

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Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Thursday 31st March 2016
Next Meeting Thursday 28th April 2016
Hamish Beaumont (Chair) Tim Thomas
Max Ueda Mark Burgman
David McDonald Martine Botha
Nick Earl Ellen Schaef


Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Due Date
1.          General
1.1.     Need to find out who’s running Jells and make sure everyone is registered within the next 10 days. Max, TT
1.2.     Membership – General consensus is to ask that everyone buy’s at least the base package and one of either winter or summer. Associate members are included in the above. Only exception is for people who arrive late into the season or for exchange students that know they’re only here for a few months, they can buy the base membership on it’s own.

1.3.     We can now also put a MUAC specific terms and conditions in as part of the membership registration through AV. Hamish to distribute docs. Hamish to include the Member Protection Policy in this too.

1.4.     This new variety of membership essentially kills off our current six-month exchange student membership, no longer need this.

1.5.     Membership handbook – Need everyone to get into the google doc and write their parts. Need to have a draft of this done by Jells. Once we have the handbooks and we receive a member registration pack, we need to be diligent in making sure we contact the athlete and give them they’re registration pack, numbers, chip etc. All, TT
1.6.     Supported Memberships – Coaches, state champs (open state title), and national medallists. For Coaches, they get whatever they want to compete in, i.e. Tony gets base, winter & summer. For Athletes, they get base and a choice of one. Note
1.7.     Mark asked about gym membership for coaches. Hamish to ask MUS about this. Hamish
1.8.     Dinner clashes with Great Ocean Road events on 14/15th May which will take out quite a few members. Consensus is to move to August. This also allows students to get familiar with club. Need to lock in new date. Martine
1.9.     Lion’s request for Poles – There’s a gap in the range of poles we own. Mark to collate stock take of Poles. Combine this with Lion’s order and see what the total adds up to. Mark
1.10.  Handbook for new members, they will get it when they become new members. Hamish to delegate sections, Ashwin to compile document. All
2.          Alumni Engagement
2.1.     126th Annual Dinner – May 14th at the Pavilion. Life membership for Manny, good Alumni engagement opportunity. Dj & Guest speaker? Note
3.          Finances
4.          Winter
4.1.     Need to order more singlets. Need to make sure everyone that competed last year got a 125th singlet. Any small ones that are left we will frame a few of them for Tiamo’s, Clyde etc. Give any other left overs to special Alumni people. ?
4.2.     Golden shoe – get it back and inscribe it with the list of winners. Get Andy Weir back in to talk about it. Thursday night before Jells. Max update trophy. Hamish talk to Andy.
4.3.     Monthly Dinner at Clyde for winter group. Every Thursday before event come to Clyde. Note
4.4.     Send list of goals to Hamish Max
5.          Summer
5.1.     Have a meeting in the next few weeks about what we can do better next year. Generally, been a very good season. Looks like next year knock out rounds will be gone, 6 rounds before Christmas 6 rounds after. ?
6.          Registrar
7.          Social
7.1.     Cruden Farm party Note
7.2.     Queens birthday trip to Forest Note
8.          Other Business
8.1.     AV are running a three year club capacity program. This is a year- long project for MUAC to implement, includes club governance improvement. HB to delegate small bits of work to improve polices. All Ongoing