Committee Meeting – 11 February 2016

To improve transparency of the governance of MUAC we are now posting our minutes online. If you have any queries please contact

Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Thursday 11th February 2015
Next Meeting Thursday 31th March 2016
Hamish Beaumont (Chair) Tim Thomas
Max Ueda Tim Hui
David McDonald Martine Botha
Ellen Schaef Ashwin Singh
Dave Kirszenblat Junkers Zhou
Nick Earl
Mark Burgman


Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Due Date
1.          General
1.1.     State Juniors this weekend, need one volunteer for Saturday, Hamish is doing Sunday. Note
1.2.     Next Tuesday, Dion’s physio is doing a seminar, 8-9pm. Note
1.3.     Lots of tasks coming up for O-week, state mile champs (Tuesday 23rd) need 8 people helping out, 6 that aren’t racing, 2 students to help setup, Thursday 25th is O-week, need two students at a time to run the table. Then that weekend is Vic Champs, bean bags tents for the weekend. Need to provide some people for volunteers. Then week 2 of O-week, need volunteers, and then MUAC 5000m. All
1.4.     March – coaching course, Buller camp. Note
1.5.     April – Nationals. College Aths. Cross Countries start Note
1.6.     AV Membership changes. Non melb-uni students need to pay $60 more than other uni students this will be covered by our sponsorship from the Clyde hotel. Note
1.7.     O-week recruitment, our biggest form of recruitment in the year. Need to make sure we’re doing it right. Need to make sure that everyone is welcome. A couple of Sandro’s athletes are going to run a beginner jumps/sprints group for several weeks following O-week. Dave Kirzsenblat and fellow sprinters need to ensure that anyone joining the sprints group are either accepted or funnelled into Hannah and JP’s beginner squad. Note
1.8.     Dion’s taking a break (becoming a father) and Andy’s taking some time off, but fortunately we have four people to take over, Cassie, Marie, Adam and Kate. Note
1.9.     Handbook for new members, they will get it when they become new members. Hamish to delegate sections, Ashwin to compile document. All
1.10.  Hamish looking for help writing reports, taking photos, building the news letter, social media. He will be stepping back from this work very soon. All
1.11.  Track re-development – Hamish went to raise the bar dinner and talked to Chris Harvey about capital projects at the university. Note
2.          Alumni Engagement
2.1.     126th Annual Dinner – May 14th at the Pavilion. Good Alumni engagement opportunity. Dj & Guest speaker? Note
3.          Finances
3.1.     Surplus of 3,300 for 2015.
4.          Winter
5.          Summer
5.1.     Have a meeting about what we can do better next year. Generally been a very good season.
6.          Registrar
6.1.     Associate membership – pole vault squad has significantly more non-club members than they should based on our current policy. Hamish is going to talk to Warren to encourage this. This registration period we will have heightened scrutiny of who’s training with the club and who are members, need to ensure we keep a tally. We’re looking for agreement from Warren this year. We consider whether at the end of this registration year we come up with a policy change to help enforce this. TT
7.          Social
8.          Other Business
8.1.     AV are running a three year club capacity program. This is a year- long project for MUAC to implement, includes club governance improvement. HB to delegate small bits of work to improve polices. All Ongoing