30 July 2015

Location Club Rooms & Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Thursday 30 July 2015
Next Meeting Tuesday 25 August
Hamish Beaumont (HB) (Chair) Ashwin Singh (AS)
Ellen Schaef (ES) Tim Thomas (TT)
Max Ueda (MU) David McDonald (DM)
Nick Earl (NE) Martine Botha (MB)
Tim Hui (TH)
Catherine Macrae Seamus Hayes
Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Due Date
1.          General
1.1.     Hamish took the committee through the clubrooms explaining access rules, keys, honour board, email system, website, and kitchen. This is part of the succession planning which will continue over the year. Note
2.          Finances
2.1.     Agreed to delay financial report until next meeting following the recent report at the AGM and due to lack of time. Note
3.          Winter
3.1.     Angelsea accommodation secured for Ekiden Relay, sleeps 10. Note
3.2.     National cross 29th August. Needs promotion and communicate that it is open to everyone. Note
3.3.     DM to send out volunteering email to committee for feedback. DM 25 Aug
4.          Summer
4.1.     Position vacant Note
5.          Registrar
5.1.     Delayed registrar report until next meeting Note
6.          Social
6.1.     MB given official committee position of 125 dinner/social secretary. MB to think about a secondary helper for social secretary. Leigh Goedecke has expressed interest. MB 25 Aug
6.2.     MB requested help to promote the dinner and to help sell tickets. Need to sell at least 180-200 to recover cost. All Ongoing
6.3.     Dinner venue is Ormand collage. Guest speakers Ralf Doubell and Kitty Chiller.
6.4.     Dinner costs over $200 to be brought to committee via email Note Ongoing
7.          Correspondence
7.1.     No agreement made on Heavy Weights Room yet. MUS have offered a payment plan for $9000. Next step is to raise it with Melbourne University internal dispute system. Ellen to liaise with Matt and Kate who are happy to continue with this. Ellen to ask Matt and Kate to push for this to be mediated with the final decision being brought to the committee for approval. TH, HB, KS, MI, ES 25 Aug
7.2.     Good news is that HWR bookings to restart again. Squads to pay the difference between what the club can pay and what the bookings cost. Note
7.3.     MUS have offered an additional yearly $5000 coaching subsidy to the club to make a total of $10000 a year. Note
8.          Other Business
8.1.     AV are running a three year club capacity program. This is a year long project for MUAC to implement, includes club governance improvement. HB to delegate small bits of work to improve polices. All Ongoing
8.2.     Expanding club workforce. Committee agreed to keep going with the volunteer roster. At the end of winter layout two columns showing who’s helped out and who hasn’t. Consensus not to have compulsory roster. Build up the idea that these jobs are club jobs not just summer or winter jobs. Reinforce the idea that if we don’t supply volunteers we will lose points. Incentives for volunteering, t-shirts, meal vouchers, head bands. Note
8.3.     DM to put volunteer spreadsheet on website. DM 25 Aug
8.4.     TT explained how the Uni Blacks volunteer system works. Looks like a great system where a calendar of positions are allocated to a pool of helpers, positions are still hard to fill at times but this works like a more traditional roster. MUAC doesn’t have a big pool of helpers so this approach may be difficult until our pool grows. Note
8.5.     Max proposed setting up a fun run to raise funds for MUAC. Melbourne Uni open day suggested as a potential date. Princes park as a venue. Max to talk to Martin Mashford to figure out the business case. MU 25 Aug