27 October 2015

Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Tuesday 27 October 2015
Next Meeting Tuesday 26 November
Hamish Beaumont (HB) (Chair) Martine Botha (MB)
Max Ueda (MU) Tim Thomas (TT)
David McDonald (DM) Leigh Goedecke (LG)
David Kirszenblat (DK) Nick Earl (NE)
Ellen Schaef (ES)  
Shohei Waller (SW) Tim Hui (TH)


Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Due Date
1.          General    
1.1.     Email from Ian Rickard about penalising MUAC for not providing volunteers for the shot put. Hamish replied arguing that we did supply volunteers throughout the day. Acts a reminder that everyone that volunteers must put their name down on the sheet. Note  
1.2.     TT is organising the deed of settlement for Heavy Weights Room dispute. Note  
1.3.     Heavy Weights Rooms Bookings – Seamus to manage these SH  
1.4.     Funding review response submitted by Hamish. Main request is to not be charged for use of the heavy weights room. Note  
1.5.     Life membership – need to do research and compile a list of life members. This needs to be done before May 2016. Someone needs to do this. TT  
1.6.     UniMelb Capital plan – MUS to submit some projects to the plan. Asked for a specific capital framework so that we can put together a proposal to relay the track. Everyone to assist. Everyone 3rd Nov
1.7.     MUS membership model – MUS working towards a new model, suggests there should be a price difference between uni melb students and non uni melb students. Note  
2.          Alumni Engagement    
2.1.     Dinner sub committee has done a lot of work connecting with the Alumni for the 125th dinner and have setup an ongoing plan to keep them engaged. Need a sub committee to drive this alumni engagement. A set of actions has been written up describing this effort. Note  
2.2.     Proposal to have another alumni event in 2016 leading up to the Olympics in late July/August, smaller than the dinner Note  
2.3.     Also maybe tell Alumni about the Vic Milers hosted at MUAC Note  
3.          Finances    
4.          Winter    
5.          Summer    
5.1.     Teams doing really well, men won both rounds women 2nd in round one, 1st in round two. Bigger numbers than anytime last year.    
6.          Registrar    
6.1.     Associate member policy – allows people to be part of squads without being MUAC members for a short amount of time (couple years). We’ve been a little lax on monitoring this. Warren is probably a little outside the policy having quite a few associate members in his squad. We need to spend sometime on this policy to reaffirm that it’s driving towards our club goals. Warren to encourage these athletes to become members. Note  
6.2.     143 Athletes registered, 15 coaches, a few people need chasing for membership, including some that have been training with the club for a long time and snuck under the radar (Patrick V). TT  
7.          Social    
7.1.     Christmas gift – Thursday 3rd LG  
7.2.     Start of winter event with other uni clubs. Hockey, Tennis, AFL.    
8.          Other Business    
8.1.     AV are running a three year club capacity program. This is a year- long project for MUAC to implement, includes club governance improvement. HB to delegate small bits of work to improve polices. All Ongoing
8.2.     Hamish Succession Planning