26 November 2015

Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Thursday 26 November 2015
Next Meeting Thursday 28th January 2016
Hamish Beaumont (HB) (Chair) Tim Thomas (TT)
Max Ueda (MU) Nick Earl (NE)
David McDonald (DM) Ellen Schaef (ES)
Mark Tim Hui


Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Due Date
1.          General    
1.1.     With AV starting the 6-month membership model beginning next year Hamish has suggested that we approach winter sports clubs (rugby, AFL, hockey) and offer to train them over the summer. Need to have a plan by July next year, need to have a new sprint coach for this to work (Jarrod P maybe). Note  
1.2.     Track redevelopment – Hamish had a meeting with Tim Lee. MUS have lost a 500k capital allocation. Next year there is a condition audit of the track. MUS will pitch to MelbUni early 2016 to replace the track. The audit is likely to show that the track is due for renewal. We should track this and potentially make some noise next year if there are no signs of progress following the audit. Prepare our submission early so that we’re ready when the opportunity comes to show the benefits of track redevelopment (see attachments in meeting invite). Note  
1.3.     126th Annual Dinner – May 14th at the Pavilion. Note  
2.          Alumni Engagement    
2.1.     Dinner sub committee has done a lot of work connecting with the Alumni for the 125th dinner and have setup an ongoing plan to keep them engaged. Need a sub committee to drive this alumni engagement. A set of actions has been written up describing this effort. Ongoing  
3.          Finances    
4.          Winter    
5.          Summer    
5.1.     Top of the ladder men and women. Planning for shield final begins now.    
6.          Registrar    
6.1.     Associate member policy – allows people to be part of squads without being MUAC members for a short amount of time (couple years). We’ve been a little lax on monitoring this. Warren is probably a little outside the policy having quite a few associate members in his squad. We need to spend sometime on this policy to reaffirm that it’s driving towards our club goals. Warren to encourage these athletes to become members. Note  
7.          Social    
7.1.     Christmas gift – Thursday 3rd LG  
7.2.     Start of winter event with other uni clubs. Hockey, Tennis, AFL.    
8.          Other Business    
8.1.     AV are running a three year club capacity program. This is a year- long project for MUAC to implement, includes club governance improvement. HB to delegate small bits of work to improve polices. All Ongoing
8.2.     Hamish Succession Planning