22 September 2015

Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Tuesday 22 September 2015
Next Meeting Tuesday 27 October
Hamish Beaumont (HB) (Chair) Martine Botha (MB)
Mark Burgman (MB) Tim Thomas (TT)
Max Ueda (MU) Leigh Goedecke (LG)
David McDonald (DM) Shohei Waller (SW)
Tim Hui (TH) Nick Earl (NE)
Ellen Schaef (ES) David Kirszenblat (DK)


Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Due Date
1.          General
1.1.     Hamish delivered Heavy Weights Room proposition to MUS before 31st Aug cut off. Tim Thomas is following up with a formal deed of settlement. TT 27 Oct
1.2.     Someone needs to take over the job of booking the HWR. Note
1.3.     125 registered club members Note
1.4.     Three weeks to come up with a response to the Sporting Club Funding Review Discussion Paper. All committee members should have a read and see where it can be improved, i.e. facility access (HWR), ensure the long-term plan for redevelopment of the track won’t change etc. See attached. Please send Dave your comments before the 14th Oct. All 14 Oct
1.5.     Shohei submitted application for women in sport funding. We’ve applied to get access to courses and workshops. Find out in a couple of weeks. This is part of the three-year program of building club governance. Note
1.6.     130 tickets sold for 125th Dinner. MB asked for all committee members to ensure special guests feel welcome on the night. Make sure you know who’s in the room and make an effort to chat to them. Note
1.7.     Mark’s organised some new benches for the club, fine work.
2.          Finances
3.          Winter
3.1.     Winter review, Tuesday 6th Oct after training MU 6 Oct
4.          Summer
4.1.     Seamus and David to talk to Cath’s and summer. Goal’s: making shield final, making into the HH Hunter, state relays on 28th Nov. SH, DK 27 Oct
4.2.     There are 7 of the 10 shield events pre Christmas so we can lock in a spot at the shield final by end of November. Focus on getting the numbers. Try to work out how many people are coming to a meet. One rep per squad to relay to DK. DK
4.3.     Volunteer Roster – DM to talk to DK about this DM, DK
5.          Registrar
6.          Social
6.1.     Leigh to delegate/organise something for Sunday of marathon (Dave & Max’s house), Xmas gift (Thurday night), Christmas party (lawn bowls) MB 21 Sep
7.          Other Business
7.1.     AV are running a three year club capacity program. This is a year long project for MUAC to implement, includes club governance improvement. HB to delegate small bits of work to improve polices. All Ongoing
7.2.     Hamish Succession Planning