16 June 2015

Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Tuesday 16 June 2015
Hamish Beaumont (HB) (Chair) Peter Gaukrodger (PG)
Kate Scarlett (KS) Matt Irons (MI)
Max Ueda (MU) David McDonald (DM)
Gen Blanch (GB) Martine Botha (MB)
Tim Hui (TH) Tony Brain (TB)
Hannah Alderton (HA) Jarrod Pageot (JP)
Catherine Macrae  


Agenda Item & Action Item Action By Date
1.          General    
1.1.     Minutes of the previous meeting accepted as true. Note  
1.2.     Selection for Turkey team – HB to update policy on selection HB 20/07/15


1.3.     MI spoke with MUS regarding changing team for Turkey – changes are available in the case of injury only. Note  
2.          Finances    
2.1.     Treasurer email address updated. Note  
2.2.     TH emailed financial position to committee Note  
2.3.     The club is awaiting funding from MUS.   To be followed up post resolution of the HWR. Note  
2.4.     Outlay for annual dinner to be recouped later in the year which will improve the club’s financial position. Note  
3.          Winter    
3.1.     MB called Al Bryant Smith about captain role for this season Note  
3.2.     Club to review role of captains – include in end of season review Note  
3.3.     Club to improve method around selecting captains Note  
3.4.     DM to distribute role docs DM 20/07/15


3.5.     DM passed invoice for Lardner bus on to TH Note  
3.6.     A larger bus is required for next year – a 45 seat bus with under seat storage is required. Note  
3.7.     Fill spare seats with people from other clubs Note  
3.8.     Order pizza for after race next year Note  
3.9.     DM to update golden shoe table DM Ongoing
3.10.  DM now recording volunteering with volunteer roster spreadsheet. A selection policy is performed by randomly selecting people who have not volunteered then emailing them with the requirement to attend or provide a volunteer in their place. Note  
4.          Summer    
4.1.     Position vacant Note  
5.          Registrar    
5.1.     108 members Note  
5.2.     Some issues had been reported with the student price. HB has sent feedback to Aths Vic. Note  
5.3.     KS to chase groups to get members to register for the new season KS Ongoing
6.          Social    
6.1.     125th Dinner pushed back until 26th September Note  
6.2.     Sub-committee formed who will report back to the committee on progress. GB to lead with assistance from extra volunteers from the club. MB Ongoing
6.3.     Dinner to be run as a cost recovery model with some flexibility Note Ongoing
6.4.     A risk analysis of the cost for the dinner is to be undertaken based on prices of $125 and $100. MB 20/07/15
6.5.     HB to ask MUS to contribute grant to run dinner at meeting with MUS. To be covered after HWR issue has been resolved. HB 20/07/15


6.6.     Dinner costs over $200 to be brought to committee via email Note Ongoing
6.7.     Sub-committee to determine budget and PP cost Note  
6.8.     Size of venue has been determined and MB has begun planning. Note  
6.9.     Trivia night to be hosted after Sandown. GB 11/07/15
7.          External Relationships    
7.1.     HB provided Chris Henry’s details (MU) to MB for comms to alumni. Note  
8.          Correspondence    
8.1.     HB, MI, KS met with MUS to discuss the HWR. KS has drafted a letter with MUAC response. TH to provide info on how much the club can afford to pay MUS for prior use. Club to determine how much we can afford to pay for the use of the HWR. TH, HB, KS, MI 20/07/15
8.2.     MI to speak with Manny and Terry regarding their use of the HWR and to encourage engagement with the committee.   It is proposed we look at inviting the coaches to attend meetings throughout the year. MI 20/07/15
8.3.     Tony attended meeting to address his concerns with the club. See attachment “Tony Brain 16 June.pdf” for notes. Note  
9.          Other Business    
9.1.     DM to put meeting minutes on website to improve governance transparency. DM 20/07/15
9.2.     AGM to be held Monday 20 July Note 20/07/15