16 June 2015 – Tony Brain

Location Clyde Hotel
Date/Time Tuesday 16 June 2015
Hamish Beaumont (HB) (Chair) Peter Gaukrodger (PG)
Kate Scarlett (KS) Matt Irons (MI)
Max Ueda (MU) David McDonald (DM)
Gen Blanch (GB) Martine Botha (MB)
Tim Hui (TH) Tony Brain (TB)
Hannah Alderton (HA) Jarrod Pageot (JP)
Catherine Macrae  


Summary of Issues Raised by Tony Brain
1.1.     Members, participation and results are good.
1.2.     Reputation is OK and it is important to think about this on everything we do.
1.3.     Relationship with MUS should be improved.
1.4.     Committee engagement with the club in general needs to be improved. DM to post minutes to the website.
1.5.     The committee needs to improve engagement/participation with squads beyond the distance runners.

–        Ask other coaches to attend the meetings

–        Ask other groups what the committee can deliver

–        Set expectations of the coaches to provide representation

–        Leverage engagement off the HWR access

1.6.     Trailer is still to be repaired and sold. The club needs to review how it will transport tents, etc to events. A review of if it is still functional needs to be performed.
1.7.     The purchasing process for items over $200 needs to be clearer.
1.8.     The committee needs to work with MUS to improve access to the gym for coaches to work with small groups infrequently.
1.9.     It is a large administrative issue for Tony to collect payments from athletes. This is something the training group could potentially resolve.
1.10.  The aim is for the club to have the foundation set up by September. The committee is to establish the purpose for the foundation.