Committee Election Procedure

Election Procedure for AGM

1. Positions to be determined by election

• All these positions shall be described in the AGM notice and at the AGM

1.1. President
1.2. Treasurer
1.3. Secretary
1.4. Summer Manager
1.5. Winter Manager
1.6. Social Secretary
1.7. Registrar
1.8. MUAC representative to MUSA
1.9. Webmaster
1.10. Seven general members of the committee

2. Committee roles

2.1. Positions 1.1 to 1.3 form the executive officers of the club
2.2. Positions 1.4 to 1.9 are club vice presidents

• There is one additional vice president position available if needed (see 3.6 to 3.6.1)

3 Nominations

3.1.  Nominations for officers and general committee positions and the submission of proxy forms shall be called for at the announcement of the meeting date and recorded by the secretary
3.2.  A returning officer, a club member not nominating for a position on the upcoming committee, shall be selected by the secretary and approved by the chair
3.3.  At the beginning of the AGM the chair shall call for any further nominations, to be recorded by the secretary and the returning officer
3.4.  The list of nominations will be read to the AGM
3.5.  Once the chair has determined that sufficient time at the AGM has elapsed for nominations, the chair shall declare nominations closed
3.6.  The outgoing secretary and returning officer will tally the nominations and inform the chair and the meeting of the need or otherwise for ballots

3.6.1. If the nominations exceed the available positions by one, the chair may advise one of the general committee nominees to withdraw that nomination and nominate for vice president

4 Voting

4.1. Uncontested nominations do not require a vote, Rules 23 (1) to 23 (6)
4.2. The Chair will announce successful uncontested nominations

5 Ballots

5.1. A ballot will be conducted when the number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies, Rules 23(4)
5.2. The ballot will be conducted by the outgoing secretary and the returning officer
5.2.1. If the outgoing secretary is on the ballot for reelection the returning officer shall conduct the ballot for secretary
5.3. All eligible members (Rules 3(1) to 3(9) and 18) shall receive a ballot paper
5.4. A list of candidates will be posted at the AGM with each candidate assigned a number
5.5. Members will mark the ballot paper with the desired candidates number and cast a vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies

5.5.1. The most likely situations are one vacancy (eg. President and thus one vote) or seven vacancies (general Committee members: seven votes)

5.6. Each vote will be of equal value regardless of its position on the ballot paper

5.6.1. This is not a preferential voting system, each ballot is tallied once

5.7.  The ballots will be collected and the votes tallied and recorded for scrutiny if requested
5.8.  All candidates will be placed in order of votes received, highest to lowest
5.9.  The successful candidates will be those whose position on the list is equal or less than the number of vacancies
5.10. A record shall be kept of the voting to assist the committee in filling vacant committee positions if necessary
5.11. In the event of two candidates receiving the same number of votes and there being only one vacancy to fill a second round ballot will be held

5.11.1. The ballot shall contain only the two candidates and each voter shall vote mark one number on the ballot paper
5.11.2. In the event of a second tie the President shall have the deciding vote
5.11.3. In the event of a second tie in a ballot for President, the chair of the meeting shall have the deciding vote

Club members have to nominate for specific officers positions 1.1 to 1.9 or for a general position 1.10

The procedure for electing the committee shall be widely circulated before the AGM.

Approved: 5/8/2009