International Representatives


Full Blues

Backhouse B
Kerr FR
Mavley M
Mcproule G
Melville G
Beaumish F
Brake R
Gillespie RM
Hartkopf T
McKenna M
Kelly LA
Morgan ML
Tellis UW
Woods E
Jackson JH
Bailey KH
Edmunds LF
Harlison HW
Hewitt AB
McMillan WE
Ross Y

MUAC members who served in WWI

Norval Henry Dooley,

GM Sproule, awarded the Military Cross

AD Ellis, wounded

LH Kelly, wounded

R Balfe, died at Gallipoli

HH Hunter, died at Gallipoli

JHS Jackson

IH Kelly, Australian and Victorian 440 Yards and HJ Champion

AW Keown

JS Mackay

A McLennan

JH Marimbas, Victorian PV Champion

Harvey Sutton, Full Blue 1900, 1901, 1902 and 1905, Rhodes Scholar, 1905, Olympian, 1908, O.B.E, 1919

DP Greenham, Full Blue, 1908, 1911, 1912,

RM Gillespie, Full Blue, 1911, Sergeant, died, 25, April, 1915. Gallipoli

Harold Edward ‘Pompey’ Elliot, Brigadier General

Further details

Victorian Open Champions

1910 440 YARDS W       Paterson
1910 120 YARDS HURDLES John Davis
1910 440 YARDS HURDLES John Davis
1910 1 MILE WALK E     Morgan
1910 LONG JUMP John Davis
1910 5 MILES CROSS-COUNTRY Francis Kerr
1911 440 YARDS A     Hartkopf
1911 120 YARDS HURDLES John Davis
1911 440 YARDS HURDLES John Davis
1911 LONG JUMP John Davis
1911 5 MILE CROSS-COUNTRY George Sproule
1912 220 YARDS H       Evans
1912 120 YARDS HURDLES John Davis
1912 440 YARDS HURDLES John Davis
1912 POLE VAULT James Brake
1913 100 YARDS A     Ellis
1913 220 YARDS A     Ellis
1913 440 YARDS Lester Kelly
1913 120 YARDS HURDLES John ‘Les’ Davis
1913 1 MILE WALK E     Morgan
1913 HIGH JUMP Lester Kelly
1913 POLE VAULT James Brake
1913 LONG JUMP John Davis
1914 440 YARDS Lester Kelly
1914 HIGH JUMP Lester Kelly
1914 LONG JUMP Leslie Williamson
1915 100 YARDS D       Miller
1915 120 YARDS HURDLES Ian Pender
1915 POLE VAULT William Buntine
1915 LONG JUMP D       Miller
1919 120 YARDS HURDLES Les Edmunds
1919 HIGH JUMP Harold Harbison
1919 LONG JUMP Les Edmunds





W      Paterson

A       Mahon

N   ‘A’Beckett Backhouse

Francis Kerr

George Sproule

John Davis

E      Morgan

James Brake

N      Fairley

Francis Boynton

H     Evans

A     Hartkopf

E     Kelly

D      Greenham

Leo Gavan-Duffy

J      Mirams

D     Greenham

H      Fay

A     Ellis

A       Ellis

H       Evans

H       Fay

L      Welch

D       Greenham

J        Mirams

J       Mirams

John Brake

A      Ellis

Lester Kelly

John ‘Les’ Davis

H      Dooley

E       Woods

A      Chappel

N       Dooley

N        Dooley

Leslie Williamson

J        Balfe

D       Miller

G       Freeman

R      Pillow

Ian Pender

H       Dooley

William Buntine

P       Hamilton

Les Edmunds

Harold Harbison

Tom Dodds