Winter 2019

Hello MUAC,

The days are getting shorter and colder, but that’s not a bad thing. It means that cross country and road racing season is upon us! The XCR’19 series is our main competition focus over winter, providing members with the opportunity to participate in cross country and road races over a variety of distances. Racing takes place around Melbourne and also at a number of other locations across Victoria. Last year we organised a bus to events which were further afield, and we intend to continue this.

The series is a team competition, with every runner counting towards MUAC’s results.  Teams are graded according to ability and compete over the 10 events to ultimately secure the XCR’19 Premiership. There are seven open men divisions, five open women divisions, multiple over age divisions, and junior divisions. While the running in the lower grades may not be as quick, the competition is just as fierce, and just as much fun is had. In relay events, team score premiership points based on how they place against other teams in their division. In other events, each runner’s placing is added up to determine the team score – this is then compared with the score of others teams in the division. Regardless of your ability, your run will count towards club points. I’d encourage everyone to get involved, whether you’re chasing a personal best, or just want to come out for a jog and a well deserved brunch afterwards. (Trust me – they’re good.)

The first race of the series will be cross country relays at Jells Park on Saturday, May 5.

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Winter handbook

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The Golden Shoe

At the end of each winter season, the prestigious Golden Shoe award is allocated. Points are allocated according the order in which athletes finish, with bonus points for many things: winning races, podium finishes, top 10 finishes, relay wins and medals, volunteering as an official, running all ten races for the season. That’s got to be incentive to get out and racing!

Relay entry fees are paid by the club, so there will be no cost involved to you for these. This includes the Jells Park relays, Sandown road relays, the Anglesea Ekiden and the Tan relays.

Let’s get out and racing!

See you at the track,

Max Ueda