Melberstadt Hochsprung

melbstadt poster finalThursday 6th March

TIME: Competition will begin at 7pm
PLACE: Rawlinson Track, Tin Alley, Melbourne University
Men 176/181/186/191/196/201/206/211/216/220/223…..
Women 151/156/161/166/171/175/179/183/186….
PRIZE MONEY: 1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $25
MUSIC: if you have a favourite track let me know what it is and we will try to download it for you. Hopefully we can play it while you jump. In keeping with the spirit of the evening it would have to be “respectable” as we are in an open public area.
UNIFORM: Your choice so be as dazzling as you like.

Refreshments will be available.

Spectators are most welcome and will be allowed to sit on the fan around the competition.

Competitors (by invitation)


Joel Baden
Daniel Cobern
Chris White
Tom Henry
David Brock
James Pullen


Cara Moody
Hannah Alderton
Kaitlin Morgan
Rachel Linburg
Celeste Mucci
Courtney Yates